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Marvel’s Greatest Tourist: Issue #6

April 25, XXXX

I was very groggy when I woke again. I was in the bubble again, with a book next to me. It’s called “Chess for Dummies.” I transmuted the air around me and tried to do something with this prison, but expanding it did not work. I guess Dr. Doom was not kidding about Chess being the key to my freedom. So, I have to devise a plan because he’s a genius, and playing would be an exercise in showing the gap between us.


The Watcher: “While Locale planned his escape, Loki executed his plan by disguising himself as Dr. Doom.”

The mischievous god fired lasers at Avengers’ HQ, which prompted a response. Whenever an Avenger got close to him, Loki would vanish and reappear, slowly leading them to the Latervia’s embassy.


Dr. Doom returned with robots carrying a table with chess stuff on it. After placing it near me, he said that the robot in front of me would act as my hands since anything I touch can be used as a weapon. But he doesn’t know I do not need to do that if I got a bit of myself on something. I can feel any material that can potentially change if it has my “essence” on it at a particular range. After about 5 yards, I cannot trigger the transmutation with a telepathic command. Luckily, one of the bots in the room had my fingerprints on it. I need to wait for the right moment.

Dr. Doom: “You’ll start.”

Locale: “Hmmm? A2 to A4”

Dr. Doom: “A common move for a commoner.”

So, it began—the most grueling intellectual challenge of my life. I was clearly no match for him. Every move I made, he countered. Every attempt at capturing one of his pieces ends up backfiring. The worst part of it all was the fact that Doomzy here kept on busting my chops.

Dr. Doom: “If you keep performing like this, you will never get out.”

Locale: “What do you expect? I told you that I don’t know how to play. Shoving a book in my face and giving me half a day is not going to make me one of those super chess-playing computers you see on tv. Why are you doing this?”

Dr. Doom: “I told you. Your powers and that display on Liberty Island piqued my interest. I want to see if I can wield it.”

Locale: “Like what? Are you going to put me on a leash, give me a collar that says “Rover,” and train me to fetch you your newspaper?”

Dr. Doom: “Typical American Comedy. Your biology seems to be generating an unknown energy that causes these changes. This power bears an identical signature to an Infinity Stone.”

Locale: “Infinity Stone?”

Dr. Doom: “Primordial gems that can reshape the universe in anyone’s hands. Power, Space, Time, Mind, Reality, and Soul.”

Locale: “Aaaand which one I got?”

Dr. Doom: “That I am unsure. Your ability is different. You can turn anything you touch into a “Pseudo-Concept” of existence. You could literally turn anything into an infinity stone under your power, but you lack range.”

Locale: “Maybe I am holding back. I don’t want to make the entire universe freak out if I transmuted a flashlight, and everywhere would be a blinding light source that no one could stop.”

Dr. Doom: “Your efforts in humor are incredibly droll like most of the obnoxious heroes I faced. I suggest you find your own shtick.”

Locale: “I got a shtick for ya. What separates an escape artist from a captive?”

Dr. Doom: “I don’t do riddles.”

Locale: “A captive waits to be freed; the other makes their escape a spectacle.”

I transmuted the robot in the room with my fingerprints, and reality spewed out laser beams at my containment, busting me out. Dr. Doom tried to fire his energy blast, but I condensed my effect around me to fortify my defense. I countered, and it became a shoot-out. But I am not here to win. I need to leave. So, I jumped out of the next blast and fired my own to accompany it to destroy a wall. I ran through the hole, but more robots showed up. This would be a long day before another wall exploded, but it led to the outside.

I looked outside to see Iron Man and a bunch of Avengers attacking the building. I ran out, trying to escape. Captain America spotted me and shouted, “Watch out! We got a hostage!” They protected me from the robots, and I managed to escape Dr. Doom. I needed to get my things and leave. I learned a little bit more about my powers, which was why I came here, but I did not expect it to be so forceful.

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