Original Characters

Sleeper Agent-146

Name: Christopher Michaels (It is unknown if this is his real name)

Alias: N/A

Alignment: Chaotic Good


Species: Human

Age: 30


Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Ex-Sleeper Agent

Weapon/Paraphernalia: N/A

Basic Abilities:
Distance Sense
Enhanced Concealment
Enhanced Improvisation
Enhanced Investigation
Enhanced Perception
Enhanced Preparedness
Linguistics Mastery
Special Operations Mastery
Enhanced Combat Mastery
Apathy (Suppressing)
Training Regimen
Combat Specialism

Archetype: Sleeper Agent:
Combat Mode
Combat Calling (Activation Phrase: Sunrise is arriving)
Pain Suppression
Focused Time Perception
Killing Intuition
Weapon Proficiency
Fear Immunity

Those that have Supernatural to Absolute Combat can outmatch him.

High-level users of Emotion Manipulation.

High-level users of Empathic Voice.

Weak against Cosmic Empathy and Omni-Empathy.

Weak against Primordial Emotion Manipulation.

His Activation Phrase can be interrupted.

Deafness inducement users can, obviously, make him deaf and lose the ability to hear the Activation Phrase

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:
He is 6’0

He has saved Jon’s life about 16 times. While Jon has saved him 18 times

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