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Marvel’s Greatest Tourist: Issue #5

April 24, XXXX

I floated back to my motel room and went to my bag for the first-aid kit. With a bandaid and my powers, I healed quickly, but it was the first time I was ever shot. This was the worst pain in my life, and I wished never to experience it any time soon. I sat on an armchair and watched TV. The news said that the arsonists were still at large, but The Avengers helped prevent more destruction from happening.

I didn’t realize that someone was filming me stopping The Statue of Liberty from falling. The news reporter said the media started to buzz about me. Who was I? Where did I come from? How did I stop such a disaster? Those sorts of questions. I was a bit upset that some people thought my birthmark was war paint or something. #DragonSaint was the word.

I went to bed and planned to continue my tour in the morning. Hopefully, I will go to destinations without any trouble. But I heard a knock on my door. It’s probably the manager, but I took out my Nunchaku just to be safe. I opened the door to see a flash of green light. It was so fast. I couldn’t respond quickly enough.

I woke up in some containment unit. I couldn’t reach the edge of the bubble. I was in zero gravity, and at the edge of the room was Dr. Doomlooking at a massive screen, checking energy charts. I saw him on TV once. He’s that dude that rules over La…Lamb…Latervia. It was probably unlikely that I was actually there. So, I must be at their embassy. So, I should still be in New York.

Doom: “So, you awaken.”

Locale: “Why am I here? Why are you doing this to me?”

Doom: “A Ruler does not need to answer to a commoner, but if you must know. I have seen you on the news, and your powers intrigue me.”

Locale: “Happy to impress you, but I am not your souvenir, buddy.”

Doom: “I have scanned your biology, and the results are quite interesting, but I need more data.”

Doom pressed a button, and I was released from the bubble. Then, many of the walls opened, and robots came out. One grabbed me from behind but transmuted it and slipped past it as it changed back. Others started shooting me with lasers but transmuted one of the bolts in time. I then focused the effect around me, hitting them with wild speed and jump kicks. More robots appeared, and I thought about the device that contained me. It’s still in the center of the room. I ran to it only to be blocked by the machines. I transmuted the air, but this time, I made the localized reality around me invisible, like the element itself.

Robots: “Scanning! Scanning! Scanning! Target not detected!”

I went past them and transmuted the containment unit. With my new localized effect, multiple barriers manifested around the robots, and I put one around Doom.

Locale: “I am leaving.”

Doom: “…I have seen enough.”

Doom teleported out of the dome and next to me. I tried to kick him, but he blocked me with an armored arm. I recoiled in pain before he hit me with an electric beam. I was paralyzed. Doom walked up to me.

Doom: “You show potential but lack real experience. You will stay here until I get everything I need unless…”

Locale: “Unless?”

Doom: “You defeat me in a battle of wit.”

Locale: “Sure. What is this wit battle?”

Doom: “A simple game of chess.”

Locale: “I-I don’t know how to play.”

Doom: “Typical.”

Doom zapped me with another beam, and everything went dark.


The Watcher: “Things look awfully bleak for our lost traveler, but more things are developing else where.”

Loki watched what was happening to Locale.

Loki: “Nah, ah ah, Doom. I saw him first. Sigh. I better send someone to rescue the poor thing. A little mischief will lead the heroes right to them, but first…”

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