Original Characters

Mikhail Atonov

Mikhail Atonov

Main info

Age: 18-20

Sexuality and pronouns: He/they demiboy, gay

Nationality: Russian, british

Voice claim: DJ (total drama island)

Personality: gentle giant, kind, protective, strong willed, somewhat stubborn

Hobbies: drawing, playing basketball, spending time with his family, etc

Apperance: black/no eyes, dark skin, black dreadlocks, muscular bodytype, quite tall

Secondary info

Zodiac: taurus

Has ommetaphobia (but only when he sees eyes that are out of their sockets)

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Hey there! I'm kittymeat, i'm a traditional and digital artist who like to create stories and characters! I draw a lot of cute things but also horror! I am aroace and genderfluid (they/she/he pronouns) Thanks for stopping by!

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