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Saturday!Pokemon AU Character Profile #2: Louie Cascade

Name: Louie Cascade 

Species: Quaquaval 

Gender: Male 

Age: 23 (born January 9)

General Information: Louie is the younger cousin of Aloe Vera and a Quaquaval. As a dancer and a professional baker, Louie is often on good terms with some of the staff at Estrella. He’s very organized and clean in contrast to his brother’s hoarding habits, but he doesn’t mind getting dirty as he can just wash it off with a little bit of water. However, he is a bit of a hypochondriac most of the time. Regardless, he looks up to Aloe Vera in every way he can. 



Water, flowers, Aloe Vera, cooking, dancing, throwing disks, collecting things, cleaning, tidiness



Isolation, loud noises, seeing Aloe getting hurt, messiness, bullies, Bellamy, violence 



Louie tends to “look on the bright side” of situations he ends up in, and is very helpful. In the case of Carlo’s rule, he tries to make the best out of it and tries to help the other campers feel more comfortable despite the chairman’s harsh actions. 

He tends to be happy. Because he sees things from the brighter and positive side, he’s happy more often than not. Most people in Camp Estrella think about the dread of their time inside and it prevents them from feeling good, but Louie doesn’t let it weigh him down. 

Growing up, he was bullied pretty badly because of his relation with Aloe Vera, but he never let what people say about him bother him. He drowns out negativity and embraces goodness. Louie values and is grateful for each day he continues to exist despite everything. Even when things don’t go his way, he knows there’s no point in showing his sulky beak, and accepts that they happen. 



Louie is somewhat of a prude, and he doesn’t like swearing or talking about anything that is deemed inappropriate. He considers it to be “verbally abusive” and like dirty language is literally just that, and that the more you swear the more abusive you become. 

He thinks inappropriate jokes are immature and nonsensical, and he doesn’t like talking about breeding outside of mature and scientific contexts (usually with the Professors). 

Truthfully, the biggest reason he feels like this is because growing up his trainer raised him to always be pure, clean, kind, and moral. It was deeply ingrained in him, and he never grew out of it. 



Louie is really good with words and giving advice, and always very supportive to his friends or even strangers (if he trusts them enough). He’s good at being helpful during conflict and mediating things, especially when his cousin or other people in general are arguing about something.

Louie is skilled at helping people calm down when they’re stressed out or upset, but struggle to do the same for himself sometimes. He tries hard to do the right thing in most situations, regardless of what people like Aloe might say. 



Louie is a very sensitive person, and very emotional all the time. Though he is usually upbeat and happy, he is quick to cry easily, even in positive contexts. Though he doesn’t really let others’ mean words get to him, he tends to feel sorry for other people, as he’s very empathetic. If someone else sad, especially someone as close to him like Aloe, he gets sad too.

Louie is very sentimental and often has nostalgia for him and Aloe”s childhood. He remembers things very clearly in his head, and holds onto these good memories strongly. Sometimes even just hearing a specific song associated with something from the past can bring him to tears. His sensitivity tends to cause him to make decisions based on his feelings rather than logic, this can sometimes cause problems for him.



Louie shows an open fondness for others. He is highly empathetic and has an innate desire to nurture and care for smaller Pokemon.

He hasn’t one mean bone in his body and would never hurt anyone (except bug-types…) if his life depended on it… much unlike his cousin. He values everyone else above himself and wants to do all he can to support people.

He likes doing nice things for people, including doing things like giving the younger Campers entertainment objects like games or Helga’s art supplies so they don’t lose their minds.

Louie loves to profess how much he cares. He wants everyone to know that he’s always there for them no matter what they do.




Louie is very outgoing. He’s socially adept and gifted at small talk and conversation in general– and feels confident in social situations. He’s very friendly and chatty.

He likes making friends, and often is the one to approach them first by striking up a conversation. He feels comfortable around others and asks questions often to encourage communication.

His friendliness often makes others like his fellow campers feel more comfortable around him and puts them at ease, when oftentimes the counselors can make them nervous.

Despite how this tends to work out for him, it’s a little exhausting for her cousin, Aloe, because he is very introverted and has trouble in social situations.

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