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Signature Showdown — Info Post

  Throughout Modern and even some of Ancient History and Folklore, there’s been stories of Objects granting its user immense Power. But what if that’s actually true? It is, and its term is known as Signatures

  Signatures are Power-Granting Objects one can find all around the World. These objects can be as simple as a Knife to as ancient as Artifacts. Due to its diversity, the Sigil Identification District—or S.I.D—has divided Signatures into Classifications; Generations and Types, to be more specific.

  Generations are basically what the Ability a Signature can do. There’s Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3, and Gen 4:

  • Gen 1 Abilities are Generating Abilities. For example, a Gen 1 Signature can generate a Shockwave or create a Spike. This Gen is more commonly used in Combat.
  • Gen 2 Abilities are Signatures that can enhance its Users. Examples include Cybernetics that enhances its User’s Speed.
  • Gen 3 Abilities can affect one’s surroundings, such as controlling Time or changing the Weather.
  • Gen 4 Abilities are the only type of Abilities that can manipulate others. This includes Mind Control, Hypnosis, Blood Controlling and even controlling someone else’s Perspective.

  In terms of rarity, Gens 1 and 3 are the most common, while Gen 4 is extremely rare. As for Gen 2, it’s become more common, but harder to gain.

  While Generation focuses on the Ability of a Signature, Types focuses on what type of Object that Signature is. These are the Types:

  • Mineral: These are Objects created by Nature. This includes Gemstones and even Natural Artifacts.
  • Weaponry: this type of Signature is an Object that can be used in Combat even without its Ability. Examples include Guns, Knives, Katanas and so on.
  • Accessory: These are Signatures that the User can wear, including Watches, Jewelry, Clothing and Armory.
  • Cybernetics: These are Signatures that’re Cybernetic in its nature. Includes Robotic Arms and Cybernetic Eyes.
  • Playthings: Signatures that’re Toys in terms of what Object it is. This includes Dolls, Yo-yos and such.
  • Musical: Signatures that’re Musical Instruments like Drums, Pianos and the like.
  • Self-Products: These are Signatures that’re used in everyday life and for self-care such as Lighters, Cigarettes/Cigars, Lightbulbs, Batteries, Keys, etc.
  • Technical: Technology-based Signatures that include Computers, Phones and IPads.
  • Artillery: Ammunition-based Signatures like Bullets, Arrows and such.
  • Volatiles: Signatures that’re Combustible or Explosive in nature like Fireworks, Bombs and others like it.
  • Vehicular: Signatures that consists of Vehicles such as Cars, Trunks, Airplanes, etc.

  Users of Signatures—who’re referred as many names such as Taggers and Monosigners—only have one Signature, as having more than one is both extremely uncommon and potentially dangerous. Not only are the Users still affected by the affects of their Signature’s Ability, but they must also need to be Recharged or Refueled manually or otherwise it may take the User’s own Energy.

  Signatures occasionally have a Range and a Duration of Usage. Range is the maximum area or length a Signature’s Ability will be affective. The Duration of Usage is how long a Signature’s Ability can last.

  Signatures only have one Ability. For a Signature to have more than one would be almost impossible.
  The S.I.D was formed back in 2016 and is currently being led by Duri Kang, a Korean man who became a Signature User known as Nightshade when Signatures were first seen by the public. He created the S.I.D with the desires intent of keeping an eye upon every known Signature in the entire World. The S.I.D’s Mainhead Unit—the main base of operations—is located in Tokyo, Japan.

  There are multiple Jobs within the S.I.D, including:

  1. Enforcer: The 2nd in Command underneath Duri who keeps an eye on everything within the S.I.D. Only up to 2 people can be an Enforcer at a time.
  2. Informative: People who collect information on Signatures.
  3. Host: Reporters who report or inform both the S.I.D and the Public on current News and information on Signatures.
  4. Collector: A Person in the S.I.D who collects Signatures.
  5. Researcher: Scientists in multiple fields who study on Signatures.
  6. Supplier: Members of the S.I.D who temporarily or permanently supply or sell Signatures to local groups and the public.


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