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Cadmean’s Spells

Dear Reader,

  If you have found these Spells, it means that I have passed. My time was bound to perish anyway, but that is no matter. You have found my very own Spells; a rarity for a God to have.

  By accessing these Spell, I request that you use them with care. They are meant to ease, but if necessary, can be offensive. However, I ask that you obey my wishes of a rather Defensive Art.

  With this said, here are my Spells. May Mother bless your intuitions.

—Cadmean Ambrosia
Life Spells:

  1. A Frailing Wail: This spell calls upon your inner Sorrow. With each meditating breath, you will release a Wail meant to bring its listeners to tears. These Wails also send bursts of Life-Force around you, furthering your ability to sense your Surroundings with the Living Arts.
  2. Healer’s Gift: With this Spell, you enter an internal state to gift you the art of External Healing. Anyone or any living being you think of will be Healed. Be warned, however, that this doesn’t work on the Deceased. And know that the higher the severity of these wounds, the more used your own Life-Force will be.
  3. Exhaustion At The End: This Spell is one I don’t use myself, but will allow you to be able to regain Stamina and Life-Force used for any other Spells. This does place your mind and body into a sleeping state, however, and you will awaken once the Spell is complete.


Peace Spells:

  1. Inner Peace: This Spell lets one achieve temporary Serenity, granting them freedom from Stress, Pain and Injuries. It requires Meditation to use.
  2. Sweet Sympathy: With this Spell, you can easily place your loved one into ease. Although this will not erase their pain, it will instead calm it down for a brief period of time.
  3. A Humble Cry: Similar to A Frailing Wail, you must channel your own trauma. With the Channeling complete, you will be able to release a Cry that places its listeners into Peacefulness.


Yang Spells:

  1. Benevolence: This Spell requests that you channel your inner Purity. With this Purity channeled, you will be protected by a Benevolent Barrier for a certain amount of time.
  2. Sunlight: By calling upon the Sunlight surrounding you, you can transform it into pure Yang, using what you transformed to either Defend or Enhance yourself.
  3. I Am Complete: This is an Incantation Spell and requires Chanting “I am Complete. Nothing can ever harm me.” After chanting this 4 times, you will be temporarily Perfected and are able to be unharmed.
  4. Chi: Calling upon one’s inner Chi can allow you to use it for many effects. Similar to Life-Force, Chi is considered the Magical version of the Living Arts.


  This final Spell is one I’ve only done once. It is called Past Mistakes..and it uses both Internal Peace, Yang and Life-Force to complete. It places a Target into a state where any Pain or Damage they’ve given someone else is placed upon them. Mother herself normally banishes this kind of Spell..but so long as one never abuses it, I will keep it known. For this Spell can send someone to the edge of Panthera’s side..

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