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Darrius’ Pain Spells

Darrius Velvet is a Mystic Human with both Pain and Damage Empowerment. He has learned the art of Pain Magic and is also able to temporarily gain any Power that he was attacked with (e.g gaining Purple Fire Manipulation after being hit by a Purple Fire Beam). The following are all of his Pain Spells:


  1. Suppresior: This Spell allows Darrius to temporarily suppress someone else’s Pain.
  2. Indukia: This Minor Spell allows Darrius to temporarily induce Pain onto someone else.
  3. Augmentio: With this Spell, Darrius can augmentate the current Pain someone else is feeling.


Maximum Spell(s):

  • Falsa Paiin: This Maximum Spell allows Darrius to cast an Illusion of Pain upon a Target.
  • Mentala Tortu: With this Maximum Spell, Darrius can mentally torture his Target, giving them immense Mental Pain.


Ultra Spell(s):

  • Agonoria Transfeira: With this Ultra Spell, Darrius can transfer any and all Pain he’s taken from the current situation/fight into his Opponent, making them take extreme amounts of Damage in the process.
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