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Saturday!Pokemon AU Character Profile #3: Birdo

Name: Birdo Scorcher

Species: Talonflame 

Gender: Female

Age: 19

General Information: As the headstrong and crazy best friend to Ken and Clara, Birdo is often the one to introduce a new face. Despite being one of Trainer Lee’s top 3 Pokemon, Birdo prefers not to fight and just give out a wing of support. She may or may not be in a relationship with Riu.



Bugs, reading, drawing, sewing, spending time with Riu, introducing new campers, helping out


Bullies, getting hurt, Carlo, negativity, being yelled at, messing up or doing something wrong, losing track of time





Birdo can be very childish sometimes. She tends to be naive and not understand things that are inherent or obvious to most others.

She’s usually fearless and more willing to trust other people, and this is what ended up putting her, Clara, and Ken into their situation– she was the one who believed Carlo was genuine and had good intentions when he offered their trainer to enroll them in Estrella, even though Ken was doubtful.

She tends to shift responsibility to other people and hides away, forcing others to make hard decisions and choices instead of doing them herself.

When in situations of difficulty, also relating to her sensitivity, Birdo will easily break down crying from being overwhelmed by them.




Birdo is very creative. She loves to draw and come up with new ideas and stories!

She spends a lot of time drawing things in her sketchbooks (she has more than one! Very many!) and love to share her art with her friends, especially Helga who’s also an artist.

Drawing like this is comforting to her and gives her something else to think about instead of the usual camp days and the bad stuff that happens there.

Her creativity manifests in many forms, even beyond just drawing.



Birdo is a quick thinker jumping from one idea to the next, and not a long in-between.

She struggles with staying focused on one thing at a time and her mind gets pretty scattered, hence being “scatterbrained”.

She tries to organize her thoughts, but can’t quite get the hang of it– at least not easily.

It’s a little difficult for her to deal with sometimes when she just wants to concentrate on something.



Much like a dog, Birdo is powered by validation and praise, especially from her peers, and especially from Carlo.

Birdo seeks constant approval and is complimented on things she does, and it drives every single action Birdo makes in life…

…even taking care of her peers is largely because they give her attention and affection when she takes care of them.

She will do literally anything if it will make people proud of her.


Birdo has a habit of spacing out and forgetting where she is or what she’s doing.

She often blacks out and doesn’t remember how she got somewhere or how much time has passed at random points throughout the day. One moment she’s in one place, and the next she’s somewhere completely different.

Birdo’s dissociation problems get in the way of her life sometimes, and it can be distressing and frustrating to forget what’s happening like this.

Birdo often loses things, too, and forget where she puts their belongings easily. It seems that this dissociating is some sort of trauma response from her life.


Birdo has a great amount of respect for her counselors, who teach her how to be a good camper.

While she looks up to Steven Stone and Wallace, who generally are good influences, she also has that same admiration when it comes to Bellamy, twisting her thirst for knowledge and learning into becoming a puppet.

Bellamy takes advantage of Birdo’s obliviousness and teaches her to think and act in ways that aren’t the greatest.

She’ll do anything he says, believe anything he claims, and take in any advice he gives her.

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