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Saturday!Pokemon AU Character Profile #4: Ken Pressers

Name: Ken Pressers 

Species: Lucario

Gender: Male

Age: 22

General Information: The overly responsible yet nervous Ken will do anything to make sure the other campers stay out of trouble. His constant avoidance of danger often makes the other campers see him as a bit of a coward, but he’s only trying to prevent any death or injury of his friends. Ken’s overprotectiveness also leads to always being by Birdo’s side, but sometimes he’s willing to go to dangerous lengths to lend a helping hand. 



Training, meditating, punching his sand bag, exercising



Seeing others getting hurt, endangering Birdo, breaking the rules, violence, blood, waking up late




Ken is overly-cautious and takes extremes to avoid danger and harm.

He won’t let the other campers act out against the counselor, if he can help it at all. He heavily criticizes anyone if they try it.

He isn’t willing to take any risks about things that could lead to people getting hurt, and gets frustrated seeing others put themselves in danger by doing so.

A lot of the other campers see him as a bit of a killjoy and a coward for his tendency to stay out of trouble.



Ken is very dedicated to following rules and doing what is ”right.”

He doesn’t like when campers break the set rules of the camp because of what can happen to them if they do.

His ideas of what the “right” thing to do are don’t seem to always match up with the same ideas of others, but he’s very strong in his beliefs that his way of doing things is the ”right” way to do them.

If you try to challenge Ken on him beliefs, he gets upset and mad at you for criticizing his, because he always knows best… according to him.



Ken is extremely self-conscious and insecure of himself. He doesn’t like it when other people are perceiving him or have their eyes on him.

One reason being his cowardly personality. He wears a jewel necklace to boost his morale because he got bullied for his cowardice growing up. It made him really insecure about himself and doesn’t like it when other people point it out.

Ken feels like he has no gifts, skills, or talents, and he compares himself to others often while feeling inferior to them. He has unrealistic personal expectations, such as feeling like he should be good at everything and has no excuse to not be.

He also puts a lot of blame onto himself when bad things happen. He blames himself for the situation he and Clara are in.



Ken HATES germs. Because of his trainer Lee being neurotic and how easy it is for him to get sick, he’s deathly afraid of anything that might cause illness.

He doesn’t like touching other people’s hands, touching dirty things, or being anywhere that isn’t clean or sanitary.

His anxiety and PTSD causes him to have paranoid delusions that people are intentionally trying to make him get sick. He also hallucinates visualizations of germ-covered things.

He hates being close to other people in general, unless he is very afraid. He will cling to people he trusts for comfort, ignoring any fears of physical contact he might have otherwise as he seeks their support.


Fanfic Writer

Ken actually loves writing a lot, it’s his biggest passion outside of meditation.

He likes writing fanfiction about 44 Cats (his favorite show ever) but he doesn’t share it with anyone else.

He says it’s because he doesn’t think he’s a good enough writer yet. He also says it’s personal to him. Sometimes he says he just hasn’t finished anything yet. His story changes a lot.

Some think it’s just because he writes… childish things. And nobody else is mature enough to understand them.



Ken is an artist, so he really loves doing all kinds of art.

He likes to paint, draw, sketch, sew, embroider, knit– you get the picture. He’s very good at all of it, too.

Despite the fact most people like his art, Ken seems to doubt it and is never really satisfied with anything he makes.

A lot of his art is driven by emotion, so I guess you could say he’s just another sad artist.


(His original name in Pokemon Scarlet that I gave him is Ken Masters, I changed his last name to “Pressers” for a good reason)

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