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Saturday!Pokemon AU Character Profile #5: Clara Clawz

Name: Clara Clawz

Species: Zoroark

Gender: female

Age: 16


General Information: The constantly angry and notorious troublemaker in Camp Estrella, Clara is a profane Zoroark who has no qualms with bothering and disobeying the counselors. Clara lurks around the cabins deceiving the humans and plotting pranks at the ready. Although none of them ever work, she tries her best.



Mischief, pulling pranks, bothering the counselors, breaking rules, rock music, goth accessories, loud music, eating candy



Being ignored, silence, rules, authority, being thought of as worthless




Clara is a mischievous planner and is always coming up with plots to prank the counselors.

She is always sneaking out of her cabin by picking the lock and loiter around the campsite a lot.

She collects and draws out chaotic drawings detailing her plans, and writes everything down in a secret code that only she and Birdo can read.

Her chaotic nature often gets her in huge trouble with the counselors, but she never gives up on her ideas.



Clara is very pessimistic and always focuses on the worse aspects of life. The experience of being at Camp Estrella combined with childhood trauma has corrupted and twisted her into a cesspool of negativity, and she never sees good in ANYTHING anywhere.

She always believes the worst of people, sees the worst in situations, and expects the worst possible outcome every time. She anticipates failure and hates taking chances just because she doubts that anything will EVER go right for her.

She has no hope for life or her future and believes things will never change or get better. The only will to live that she has anymore is just because she doesn’t want to leave Ken and Birdo alone in this place, no matter how much she wishes he could stop existing.

Though she has a few things that make her happy, even the things she likes aren’t enough to motivate her or remind her that life is worth living.



Clara is a very brooding, grumpy Zoroark. She doesn’t smile or laugh often and tends to be very serious, cranky, and grouchy most of the time.

She’s irritable and snaps at others, and expresses contempt for those with a rosy outlook on life when her own life is so miserable and bad.

She doesn’t like seeing happy people be happy because she envies it. She expresses hostility and anger towards people who are happy and lashes out at them, and this makes her very unpleasant to be around.

Clara is also very reclusive and spends most of her time away from camp by herself, as the only other people she really has to interact with are from her cabin (and Ken). She locks herself in her bunk and tends to not come out for hours. Birdo worries a lot about her for this behavior.



Clara has been here long enough that she’s grown used to the way things work and the things she has to do. Witnessing odd anomalies doesn’t really affect her much anymore.

She sees through everything and has no more illusions about what is true. She’s seen so much pain that it’s difficult for her to stay positive about even the few things that make her happy.

Sometimes she has brief moments of hope, but eventually it all falls through and causes her to be even more jaded.

She’s no longer sensitive to her pain or suffering anymore, because she’s seen it so much that it doesn’t feel like anything.



Clara can be pretty crude, with a very immature sense of humor and constantly swearing.

Her trainer’s brother David sort of influenced her into being like this, because she didn’t used to be. His foul-mouth and inappropriate language rubbed off on her, and now when she behaves like this on some days it’s like Louie’s worst nightmare.

She often jokes about breeding and can be pretty open about herself in that aspect. Truthfully, the thought of real intimacy makes her pretty nervous, but she sorta puts on a front about it so nobody really can tell that.

Her middle schooler sense of humor can largely be attributed to school trauma that sort of made that part of her never grow up.



Clara is obsessed with consuming sugar, as it gives her energy and motivation to work and do activities without any issues.

When she doesn’t have sugar for a while, she can become cranky and snap at others because it improves her mood and general outward persona.

Sometimes there are moments when camp becomes overwhelming, and consuming sugar helps her forget about what she’s doing or what’s happening at her own hands.

Clara likes to share sugary things she bakes with others in hopes that it will help them in the same way, and it usually does.

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