Lore of Literiilok Part 1: Power Types

Each member is part of these seven types, and they have abilities besides their unique one.

  1. 1-299: Animal Types
    1. People who are these types are known to be wild and naturalistic before their transformation. They can be too aggressive at times, which is why they make up a good chunk of their fighting force.
    2. Abilities: Animalistic features, Animal Strength, and Powerful Senses.


2. 300-559: Magic Types

    1. Individuals under this type are often whimsical to borderline insane. They like to detach themselves from mundane and everyday things. Magic Types tend to do outrages and kooky stuff. These are people who want to have fun.
    2. Ability: Rule Bending


3. 750-849: Religious Types

      1. “Religious” is only a title. Most people under this typing are thinkers, scientists, and philosophers. Thanks to their newly awakened minds, they spend most of their time zoned out as if they were on a mental vacation all the time. They want to spend their days wondering about existence. But don’t be fooled; they are easily the most intellectual type and can outwit most enemies.
      2. Ability: Supernatural Mind

4. 850-999: Realistic Types

    1. This type comprises people with a lot of passions and a thirst for adventures. They are very ambitious and want the best the world has to offer them. They also have a lot of people who were just fed up with their boring lives and needed a significant change.
    2. Ability: Enhanced Potential

5. 1000- 1169: Devil Types

    1. Devil Types are made up of troublemakers and punks. They want nothing more than anarchy and chaos. The best way to become one is by having a strong association with one (or more) of the seven deadly sins. They are also known for their black or dark-colored sclera.
    2. Ability: Jinx

6. 1200-1999: Story Types

    1. Children, young-at-heart, and peaceful individuals make up the majority of this group. They are often innocent, pure, and known for their kindness and optimism. They are also the least violent, half of them being pacifists.
    2. Ability: Imagination Manifestation (Limited to one manifestation at a time)

7. 2000-2399: Formula Types

    1. Formula Types are the rarest ones, with the king being one of them. The few that emerged are within his council. There isn’t much known about them, not even the unique ability they all share.
    2. Ability: ?????
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