Original Characters

The Litoriilok Society’s Members

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  1. Name/Epithet: Adviceful
  2. Folkloric Fate: The Snares of the Temporal-Spatial One
    1. ATU Title: ATU 810The Snares of the Evil One
    2. Power Type: Religious Type
    3.  Adviceful can connect with someone or something throughout all events in time and space.
      1. Example: The user “bonds” with an apple and then throws it away. One Second later, the apple appears in the same condition as before.
    4. Personality: Organized, Mellow, Unapologetic
    5. Position: Secretary and Administrator of Events
    6. Extra Info:
      1. Intermediate Swordsman and Gunman
      2. Temporal Intuition
      3. Spatial Perception
      4. Thanks to his typing, it boosted the two abilities above to form Omnichronal Perception. He tends not to share this ability; at most, he states that he can “just see the future.”
      5. Formerly a prince, the oldest one lost his spot on the throne to his youngest sibling, a “chosen one.” He warned his kingdom of an impending attack but ignored him because they believed the chosen one got this, and they didn’t, and their enemies destroyed their kingdom.


  1. Name/Epithet: Worthful
  2. Folkloric Fate: Powerful Key
    1. ATU Title: ATU 2260 Golden Key
    2. Power Type: Formula Type
    3. Description: The user can access anything’s inner power and strength, even into a dimension of pure energy.
  3. Personality: Bold, Casual, Arrogant
  4. Position: King
  5. Extra Info:
    1. Co-founder and ruler of The Litoriilok Society
    2. He considers himself a jock and has the muscles to prove it.

  1. Name/Epithet: Desirable
  2. Folkloric Fate: Worldly Palace
    1. ATU Title: ATU 891A Crystal Palace
    2. Power Type: Realistic Type
    3. Description: The user can construct large structures made of her possessions like money, jewels, food, and even people. She can then control the building to her liking.
  3. Personality: Exuberant, Popularity-Focused, and Lecherous
  4. Position: Queen
  5. Extra Info:
    1. Co-founder and ruler of The Litoriilok Society
    2. Found the device that changed people into Folkloric Fated and created this power system.
    3. Created the main castle of their organization with her power.
    4. She can make people part of her structure if they submit to her will.

  1. Name/Epithet: Woeful
  2. Folkloric Fate: Casting Violence
    1. ATU Title: ATU 1006 Casting eyes
    2. Power Type: Devil Type
    3. Description: Anything the user attacks, they can cast a spell on it at any time.
  3. Personality: Alert, Guileless, Violent
  4. Position: Personal Bodyguard of The Queen
  5. Extra Info:
    1. Rumored to have an affair with the Queen, but that was neither are confirmed nor cared about.
    2. Proficient with long-range weaponry.

  1. Name/Epithet: Favorable
  2. Folkloric Fate: Getting Rid of the Boring Calf
    1. ATU Title: ATU 1281A Getting Rid of the Man-Eating Calf
    2. Power Type: Story Type
    3. Description: The user can send people away who the user deems “Boring,” “Not Fun,” or a “Spoil Sport” to another world where few ever escape.
  3. Personality: Romantic, Intense, Infantile
  4. Position: Civilian
  5. Extra Info:
    1. Always looking for love.
    2. The only way anyone could escape her power’s world is by bringing out their inner child.

  1. Name/Epithet: Taxable
  2. Folkloric Fate: Bling Tied to Wolf’s Tail
    1. ATU Title: ATU 2B Basket Tied to Wolf’s Tail
    2. Power Type: Animal
    3. Description: The user has a wolf tail to which she can attach valuables.
  3. Personality: Friendly (to only valuables and anyone who gives her some), Protective (for her valuables), Transfixed (to only valuables)
  4. Position: Civilian and Assistant Treasurer
  5. Extra Info:
    1. She uses her “bejeweled” tail as a club
    2. She loves shiny and valuable stuff

  1. Name/Epithet: Spiteful
  2. Folkloric Fate: Man Who Sold His Honor
    1. ATU Title: AT 329A* Man Who Sold His Shadow
    2. Power Type: Magic Type
    3. Description: The user can remove his sense of honor to enhance himself. It also makes him cruel and devious
  3. Personality: Honorable, Stern, and prone to using his power more than his skills
  4. Position: Scout
  5. Extra Info:
    1. Swordsman
    2. His sword is named Lost Origin.
    3. He lost the respect of his clan after burrowing a sacred sword before joining this organization.

  1. Name/Epithet: god-Awful/ Ray Facultborn
  2. Folkloric Fate: Biting a God to Pieces
    1. ATU Title: ATU Index #1061 Biting a Stone to Pieces
    2. Power Type: Devil Type
    3. Description: Powerful Bite
  3. Personality: Happy-go-lucky, Daring, Sporadic
  4. Position: Former God Hunter and Soldier
  5. Extra Info:
    1. Originally from The Demon of New York (DINY) Megaverse. (DINY is a property of K5S14 and Ray is an OC that I made for it)
    2. Due to some dimensional shenanigans, He was brought back to the Litoriilok Society’s universe and became a permanent resident.
    3. Fan of Jay, the crazy god of birds
    4. He likes to make the “god” part of his epithet lowercase because he hates any god.

  1. Name/Epithet: Regretful
  2. Folkloric Fate: Numskulls Cannot Find Their Own Protection
    1. ATU Title: ATU 1288 Numskulls Cannot Find Their Own Legs
    2. Power Type: Story Type
    3. Description: The user and anyone near him loses any form of defenses
  3. Personality: Soft-Spoken, Careful, Hapless
  4. Position: Civilian
  5. Extra Info:
    1. He is the second user of ATU 1288. The previous user tried to betray the rulers and suffered a horrible fate.
    2. He is often seen being protected by more competent people even with his ability is active.

  1. Name/Epithet: (Sister) Charitable
  2. Folkloric Fate: The Three Chances
    1. ATU Title: ATU 750A The Three Wishes
    2. Power Type: Religious Type
    3. Description: The user can grant anyone/thing an extra three opportunities, ability usage, etc.
  3. Personality: Polite, Mellow, Clingy
  4. Position: Religious Type Representative
  5. Extra Info:
    1. Likes having talks with the rulers and other representatives
    2. Leads sermon/ philosophy sessions when not spaced out.
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