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Magnus becomes God

Magnus snapped his eyes open was a void of sorts. The color white was all around him from below, above, left, and right. He was somewhat levitating in the air as his brain tried to rack up how exactly he got into the situation. He remembered laying down with his girlfriend who had recently become his wife/husband (having a gender-transforming lover had its perks) as he drifted to sleep. So what the hell was this.


Hello, #798023678902467. Magnus turned around as he twisted his floating body. He couldn’t see anything yet he could feel something communicating with him. Sorry about that. I was conversing with a member of my species so I forgot that a 3D being like you can’t see me. Suddenly, the blank space in front of Magnus was filled up with a “being”. Not teleported. One second there was nothing and the next there was something there. The being was vaguely humanoid with its body seemingly made out of impossible-to-understand code. Magnus was confused as to how he was able to see code again due to the God of Death (Panthera) taking away his supernatural abilities.


My species simply takes on the look of what is familiar to you in a perfect state. Once again, Hello. My name is




Magnus tilted his head. He simply couldn’t understand what the entity was saying. No saying wasn’t the right way to describe this being’s communication. Its very presence told Magnus everything that it wanted to say. Now, I must congratulate you. From all of my singular experiments that I’ve done, you’ve done the best….and worse. 


“ What do you me-” Magnus was cut off as the creature intercepted him. Let me explain this to you. There is a realm. A realm where everything else copies off of in an attempt to be like the original. I believe Plato had a word for it. His Theory of Platonic Forms. Yes, that’s the word. It was a realm of concepts beyond you or even Excelsus or even my own perception. I was then banished due to our meddling with lower levels. Our new goal instead of trying to return is to create a new realm of forms. 


That’s means I’m in the presence of an extremely powerful being. Magnus thought as fear racked through his body. “C-continue,” He said. We were getting nowhere due to trying to create a world with everything. We simply couldn’t make everything to its best quality. So another being proposed is the idea of focusing on one concept and branching out from there. Rather than including everything, we have one foundation and learn from the flaws. Magnus’s eyes widened. “So y-you made me! For some experiment!” 


Yes. I decided to create a being whose entire foundation was manipulation. “What? But I’m a mage” Magnus asked confused. Magic is simply controlling the universe in a way that it must follow. Science is a form of manipulation that follows the universe’s laws.


“So you came to congratulate me?” He asked. I suppose. You have brought me valuable information. Your deductions revolving around primordial elements were excellent, discovering a way to bypass anti-magic was genius, learning to counter magic without using anti-magic was shocking. If that Micheal being was a god in the field of science, you are his mirror in magic…but if that was true I wouldn’t have called you. Magnus Griswold. I plan on erasing you from existence and starting from the ground up.


Magnus’ heart was shocked. “W-what? You can’t. I’m married now! Maybe even children. I have friends, mentors! I accomplished so much as you said. So why? Why do you want to kill me?”


Exactly. When you first meet that boy, Asteri -I thought nothing would come of it. That it was merely a spark of love. But as you began to love him more, you considered his universe your home and stopped leaving. Your curiosity dulled. Your advancement stopped. You were content with your weakness!


That’s not even the only problem. When you meet that powerful mage! It was both a blessing and a curse. From him, you furthered your time magic, learned to use the magic of the soul, and even the magic of others. A splendid development. That was until you saw yourself as part of his reality.


This caused his reality to begin warping your foundation! Did you think you were born with the ability to tap into other beings’ energies like that? Your original patron was Asmodeus but this was warped into Dormammu. I have never seen an experiment go so wonderfully and fail as much as you did.


Though part of that was on me. I gave you extra abilities to ensure your safety. An example is your luck. “What! I did everything through hard work. I bled and nearly killed myself several times to get to where I am”

Have you noticed how attacks that should kill, don’t? Have you noticed how you managed to create a spell capable of inter-dimensional travel through a failed water spell? Or how you luckily met Strange? Magnus Griswold. You’ve never worked for anything in your life!


Magnus felt a weight on his chest as tears piled up. To know his own creator. The being that made him -him. The fact that all of his experiences. The passion of failing spells with his mentor -Strange. The feeling as he fought against the first Anti-Mage. The lust he felt as he made love to Asteri. That all of those were failures. Magic swirled around him as his eyes glew blue.


I will give you a choice. You can keep some powers if you-


 “No!” He said as golden energy held his body. Concepts began shaking as Magnus darted for the code-like being. Magnus knew this would be his last so he gave it everything. He fueled all of his anger and sadness into one last attack. If this was a book, Magnus would’ve been able to convince the being to stop. If this was a manga, Magnus could’ve defeated the being. But the plot armor that Magnus had received -has been stripped away. As with a single thought, Magnus Griswold was gone.

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