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memories of pre chaos: the protagenists!

MOPC protagenists! (sry cant show art)

Name: Lusea none Age: 15 Height: 5’6 Gender: female Pronouns: she\her Relationship status: (when story begins) single Personality: the “popular hot girl” that doesnt realy wanna talk to anyone except her besties, shes shy, awkward, but kind and loving. appearance: beautiful with water as hair, blueshirt and and long pants that look like mermaid “leg fin” and sports shoes, she also has a mask filled with water due to her gills. powers: water telekenisis, magical solid liquid trident summoning.

Name: Aron Age: 15 Height: 6’0 Gender: male Pronouns: he/him Relationship status: (when story starts) single Personality: acts tough, but is kind and protective. appearance: orange skin, yellow hair (hair looks like my pfp’s hair but balls instead of spikes), short black shirt and brown pants and sports shoes. and of course, his sun glasses, he is rarely seen by anyone without them. powers: his body’s tempeture can increase at will to any tempeture. he can also turn lava!

Name: Mati Age: 15 Height: 5’3 Gender: male Pronouns: he/him Relationship status: single Personality: kind hearted boy, hes like a small child. he has a loving heart for anyone, his head is clean of “suspicious” stuff. appearance: black spiky hair, moth eyes, orange long sleeved shirt, black long pants and brown shoes. powers: moth wings! he can fly!

thats the trio! hope u enjoy MOPC!

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