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Name: Jackson W. Alexander

Alias: Jack, Jack Jack, Jack the Ripper (Joke), JW



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Species: Pyrokinetic Human

Age: 26

Personality: Intelligent, Calculating, Cautious, Thoughtful, Caring

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Demi-Romantic

Pronouns: His/He/Him

Occupation: Owner of Business owned by Alvin’s dad


His Plasa-Gauntlets: Gauntlets that allow him to condense his hell fire into demonic plasma

Body Enhancer: A Exoskeleton that provides faster running speeds, Higher leaping heights, stronger leg strength, upper body protection, Kinetic energy absorption and redirection.


His Tech:

Plasma Constructs

Plasma Infusion

Plasma Artillery

Plasma Claws

Plasma whip

Force-Field generation

Kinetic Energy Absorption

Natural Powers:

  • Hell Fire Manipulation
  • Pyrokinetically Enhanced Condition
  • Pyrokinetic Regeneration
  • Pyrokinetically Enhanced Speed
  • Pyrokinetically Enhanced Durability
  • Pyrokinetically Enhanced Strength
  • Flammable Blood
  • Fire Strike
  • Fire Defense
  • Fire Empowerment
  • Hell Fire Generation
  • Fire Absorption
  • Heat Absorption
  • Hell-Fire Attacks
  • Thermoreception
  • Drought Creation
  • Firestorm Creation
  • Heat Immunity
  • Fire Immunity
  • Heat Manipulation
  • Personal Hell Fire
  • Demonic Heat Generation
  • Personal Heat
  • Hell Fire Solidification
  • Nuclear-Pyrokinetic Constructs
  • Fire Flight
  • Bio-Pyric Dynamo
  • Flaming Surface
  • Hell Firebomb Generation
  • Hell Fire Breath
  • Hell Fire Cutting
  • Hell Fire Infusion
  • Hellfire Vortex Creation
  • Hellfire Wave Emission
  • Hellfire Bolt Projection
  • Burning
  • Melting
  • Supernatural Reflexes
  • Supernatural Balance
  • Supernatural Beauty
  • Supernatural Intelligence


  • Enhanced Athleticism
  • Enhanced Concealment
  • Parkour Mastery
  • Business Intuition
  • Stealth Mastery
  • Enhanced Combat
  • Enhanced Tracking
  • Kickboxing Mastery
  • Pressure Point
  • Taekwondo Mastery
  • Persuasion
  • Lying Proficiency
  • Criminology Mastery
  • Managing Mastery
  • Trading Mastery
  • Administration Mastery

Grand: @#$%^&*!: This Transformation matches the power of his mother as it brings his hellfire to dangerous new heights and heats, being able to generate electricity and Plasma without his tech

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(Omni-Direct): He forms a Hellfire shield around his body. Then, he brings his hands apart to each side and releases many powerful Hellfire blasts that home in on the target, inflicting a massive amount of damage.

(Hell’s Big Bang): Jack extends his arm, opens his palm and turns his hand up at a 90-degree angle. He then condenses his fire in his palm and launches a blast that proceeds to detonate in a massive explosion.

(Made ya flinch!!): In his hand that he brings near the opponent’s stomach. He then throws his hand with the Eraser Cannon forward and, at point blank range, blasts the opponent away.

Tag Combo(s):


Angelic Magic

Angelic Elements

Pure Water

Pure Ice

Demonic Element Immunity

Demonic Energy Negation



Extra Info:


He loves Zebra Cakes

Has a pet cat in his office named Leo

Plays with Yo-yo’s alot

Is the smartest in the Alexader family

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