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The Chronicles of the Magical Programmer: Chapter 4

Nicholas had kept hugging his mother. Even when he left, he kept thinking about her. When Nicholas was famous and could’ve gotten anything he wanted, he had decided to stay with his mother in her cottage. She was the person who raised him after all. Without her, the fame and power he had would’ve been non-existent. Furthermore, his brother was there. He wouldn’t leave his brother behind for anything…..so he thought.


How could you leave me?” 


Nicholas’s brow furrowed in confusion. “What?” He said confused as he removed his hands from his mother. “What are you talking about?” 


“You left me. Your own mother. You chose a woman you barely knew over me” Nicholas’s mother said blankly. “I wanted you to be by my side when I died. For you to hold my hand as I move to the next life.”


Nicholas attempted to comfort his mother. “No.No. I thought about you every sing-” He stops as he lets go of her. His face contorts into an expression of pure shock as he sees her. His mother’s skull was peeking out. He could see her eyeball barely managing to keep itself inside. Her fingers smelled of rotten flesh. Her checks could’ve been used as a telescope. She crumbles to the ground slowly into dust with a chilling phrase. “You choose her over us”


Magnus’s father cried out heavy tears as he rocked himself back and forth holding the remains of his mother. Suddenly, dark silhouettes began surrounding him. “You left us for stain” They chanted together -huddling around him.


“My children admired you?! They loved you. How could you do such a thing?”


“I’m sorry!” Nicholas said as he kept breaking down into tears. “I didn’t mean it!”


“You bested us in combat. We followed you due to being in awe of your skill. We looked up to you. We gave our life to you… Yet you left us like used produce”


“I regret it okay!” Nicholas said as he bent down on his knees begging for forgiveness. Rather than forgiveness, he felt a slimy liquid coming down from his head to his neck. Spit.


“We trained you. Taught you all you know about runes and magic. We looked proudly on you much like a son. Yet…. that doesn’t matter to you does it”


“I’m……” Nicholas was about to apologize but realized something. That none of this mattered. None of this mattered. So what if they now hated him. They had hated him before.  So what if his mother died. She didn’t care for him at all. Nicholas stood up and saw that the world around him began to crack. “I don’t give a fuck”


The world had completely crashed -returning him to the real world. His eyes blinked open, greatly surprising Antonio. ‘It’s only been 15 seconds. He should’ve been there for at least an hour’ He thought, shocked. 


Magnus had been confused as his father had just been standing there with his eyes closed. He had screamed for him to run as he saw one of Yami’s tendrils flying out at him. Dormammu was annoyed by the constant screaming and yelling. “If you scream again, you can part with this memory and you’ll go back to being ignorant” Magnus nodded melancholy.


Nicholas’s face distorted into one of hatred as he managed to dodge the tendril just in the nick of time. “Antonio. I swear of Thor’s Hammer that you will pay for that” He said for the first time in his lie actually showing anger towards his brother. Runes on his trenchcoat glew as an aura manifested around him. “Jotnar! Lend me your mana. I, the one who graced you with defeat, demand it”  He said, calling upon the power of a giant he defeated. He had made a contract with him allowing such a thing after his defeat.


Antonio gulped in fear. Nicholas leaped at Antonio with a shocking amount of speed. No, that would not be accurate. It wasn’t as if he was capable of exerting more force on the ground before. It was as if he moved on a different frame of time. His past positions could be seen as he went to attack. 


Though Antonio was a prodigy, fighter he was not. He let fear take over his body and commanded Yami to defend -quickly forgetting the anti-magic blade. Nicholas wasn’t doing specific slashes to kill but rather to direct him somewhere. Antonio stood in front of an oak tree. ‘Got him’ Nicholas thought as runes around Antonio’s feet began to glow. Antonio tried to run but noticed something. He was extremely slow. 


“Bounded field of Time Deceleration” Magnus’s father said as he went closer to him. “As long as you’re in, your movements are heavily slowed down,” He says watching him. Antonio gulps. “Before I die…. Can you at least tell me….why did you leave me and mom”


Nicholas hesitates before sighing. “The girl I escaped with…..We knew each other for a long time. I owed her and I loved her. So we escaped”


“It can’t be that fucking simple! You gave up your own mother….just to owe some stupid debt to a stain?” Antonio says angered and pissed off but most importantly…betrayed.


“Don’t call her a stain. “ Nicholas said with a glare. “First of all, she’s not my mother but my slaveholder. I was secretly taken into the family for the sole purpose of spell creation. The old woman thought that you wouldn’t be able to bring the branch to the next level and would need help. However, I was one of the best Griswold. Meaning that I was terribly weak in magic. I barely had magical knowledge.”


“…….” Antonio was too shocked to say something…to say anything. The brother that he had looked up to. The one that kept him going….was a dirty stain.

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