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The Chronicles of the Magical Programmer: Chapter 3

“ So have you heard?”


“Heard what?”


“The Great Rune Scribe. He’s managed to defeat several frost giants?!”


“You must be joking! That would mean the Grimstone Family now have frost giants underneath our foot”


“Not exactly. He had help from Thor himself. Thus, the frost giants went with him. But apparently, he was given a reward as Thor was quite weakened before the great battle”


“I told you that he would bring prosperity to this family. Now little Antonio, be like your brother okay!”


Several people admired my brother. Young children had hanged posters of him on their walls. Several females wanted him and males wanted to be him. However, unlike them, I knew the hard work he had done to get those skills. 


We came from a lesser-known branch of the Grimstone Family that was mostly focused on automaton creation. Most of our automata were shit, to be honest. However, my brother changed that. He was taking down entire armies and powerful beings by himself.


I had always looked up to him. He was to me like the stars are to man. Man wishes to grab those heavenly bodies. Much like man, I wished to reach the platform my brother was in. To have enough potential Odin comes down to talk to you. To have enough power to force a Leviathan to the ocean floor while on its home turf.


The ideal that I wished to reach shattered when it happened. My brothers falling from grace. The day when my entire reality fell apart like shards of glass. My brother had escaped with one of them. Beings who were bred to be weak. My brother had set off multiple explosions across the compound and destroyed some powerful bounded fields. He left with her. A Griswold.” – Antonio Grimstone 


Magnus watched as his father ran to the garden that existed inside the mansion walls. Tears of sadness dripped down his face as he clenched his fist. Against a man with virtually infinite magic that he can use….was winning possible. Furthermore, he knew that the man must’ve defeated every single monster that his familiar now has the eyes of. The magical hacking trick was impressive but…..it wouldn’t help in this case.


Antonio followed with an expression between a smirk and a scowl. His brown locks flowed in the wind as he had Yami carry him. He sat on a dark, black throne much like a king. He chuckled, completely assured of his victory with his hand lying on the right side of his face which contained his eyepatch.


Magnus’s father  Nicholas, was smiling as he had finally made it to the garden. He remembered all the peaceful moments he had with his son under the giant ash tree. His face hardened as he got ready for battle. Magnus heard the rustling of the ash tree’s leaves as Nicholas had done a backflip -dodging the tendril which would’ve pierced his face.


Antonio got off his throne and quietly entered the room. “Hm? You really wanted to die somewhere nice. Perhaps you fall from repeated stabbings and pierces onto a flower bed. Or you manage to win but due to serious injuries you fall at the side of the oak tree-” He says, stopping his taunting as he sees that a bird outside stopped in mid-flight. A squirrel stopped mid-way in collecting acorns. Magnus had wondered if Dormammu had frozen the memory again before he heard this.


“W-What have you done!” Antonio said, shocked and angered. Yami began to snarl once more.


“A bounded field…is a magical line that separates the space inside it from the outside. I merely took that a step forward. None of us can leave the space…until the other is dead!” Nicholas said as all the exit points had the runes  (Isa), (Jera Merkstave), and (Sowilo)

“Impressive. But that doesn’t mean much except the fact that I’ll be staining this beautiful garden” Antonio says, feeling a foreign emotion in his heart before it was quickly crushed.


Nicholas’s hands went to the sheath on his side and pulled out a dagger. The dagger was normal. It was only slightly rusty at the end. “Come on, Brother,” He said, leaping at Antonio.


“I have no such memories of a brother! Devour the Light” Antonio said as Yami shot parts of itself at blinding speeds towards Nicholas. The dark tendrils absorbed the light around it making it even harder if not invisible to sight. However, due to it being a powerful familiar, it was quite easy to sense. Nicholas danced with the shadows.

He twirled and twisted around them. If a shadow were to aim at his lung, he would’ve sled under it and roll away from it. If a tendril was aimed at his heart, he would jump and temporarily use it as a platform. As Antonio got enraged at how easily Nicholas was dodging his blows, Magnus became proud once more at how his father was standing against Antonio.


‘I should stop playing around’ Antonio was thinking as he was about to stop going easy on Nicholas until Nicholas vanished in a flash. ‘Where did he go?’ Antonio thought as his eyes constantly flickered across the room. “Prepare for the Light” He said putting Yami in a defensive position causing the abomination to circle his body -ready to block any attack. The bright flash returns when Nicholas suddenly appears right behind Antonio with his dagger in a reversed grip aiming for the side of his neck. 


Luckily, Yami managed to move a part of its body to block the stab with Antonio smirking. The smirk vanished into a shocked expression as the blade went straight through the shadow body of Yami. His dark familiar shrieked in pain much like the scratching of a chalkboard. Antonio managed to roll away from the strike.


‘How on earth did he do that? To suddenly appear and manage to stab through my familiar?’ Antonio thinks as his Magic Intuition gets to work decoding everything magical around. He discovers that there are multiple overlapping bounded fields and finds runes engraved into a tree that he was near at the time. He then looks at the knife and feels an instinctual fear of the knife. He manages to deduce what happened.


“I see. The runes on the tree. To think you managed to perform spatial-temporal movement through runes. And that knife…it has anti-magical properties” Antonio says feeling that same emotion that made his chest unbearably hot. 


Magnus’s father smiled. “I’m proud of you. To be able to deduce and get that much information in the span of only a couple seconds.” He then began to teleport. Flash. Nicholas had teleported behind a tree and threw his dagger which Yami went to grab the hilt of with his tendrils. Flash. Nicholas had teleported to the dagger and sliced off the tendril causing another shriek. 


‘Damn. I didn’t know that my dad was such a….badass’ Magnus thought as he watched. “Enough of this farce! Yami, Drude Source!” One of Yami’s eyes, pitch black with white markings, perked up as it glowed with a green shade. The eye stared at Nicholas as the area around him shattered causing him to fall into a deep, dark void.  After falling for a long period of time, Nicholas hit land and struggled to stand up. He looked around confused and on his guard until it dropped.


“M-Mother?” Nicholas said faintly as he slowly reached his trembling arm out to his mother. “Yes, Dear” His mother said with a faint tone of sadness as Nicholas tightly hugged his mother. Tears streamed down as his nose shriveled up.

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