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The Chronicles of the Magical Programmer: Chapter 5

“I knew what was going to happen. She was going to put me back in there and force me to be used as a way to continue the Griswold line. Thus, I turned to a good friend of mine, Sarah, who was one of the worst Griswolds. She had decently high mana along with being a prodigy at Spell Theory. She was capable of figuring out the components of rituals and making blueprints for spells in seconds.” Nicholas says, reminiscing over the good old days.


“So I get that from Mom,” Magnus said, wishing he knew more about her in general.


“We came up with a ritual which would enact a sort of pseudo-magic. Reality is targeted towards patterns. Thus we thought by replicating something while connecting to the thing we wanted to replicate would be good enough to pull it off. Thus we focused on Odin. Sarah devised a ritual that would allow me power.  To do so, we had to forge runes onto three different things. Someone would have to give me a spear as a present. An ash tree to represent the very world tree in which Odin hanged himself.” Nicholas said, gulping remembering the experience.


“Wait. That’s the same principle I use for my mystic codes. I take a famous event or being in history/myths and attempt to match it. Causing the mystery to be imbued into the magical object…..but a ritual like that would mean…..hanging yourself for eight days. No one could do that. To make it even harder, they would have to memorize all of the runes just like Odin! That’s….pure insanity.” Magnus says shocked.


“A Lot more was needed. We had to match up the runes to properly invoke Odin and the world tree. I hung there for 9 days and 9 nights. Do you know how that feels? Stuck to a tree with a spear in your gut for 9 days and 9 nights -reciting all the different runes just to stay alive. I could not eat or drink as the ritual would straight out kill me as reality realizes this wasn’t the same. After it, I felt my very existence being altered. My very core concept became Divine Letters and I gained a magical skill called Rune God. From there it was up to me to make it work. All the while I promised her one thing for her help….freedom. The rest is history.”


“Yes, that history is when you two made a new stain. That thing which was created from your filthy love.” Antonio says enraged and betrayed.

“Don’t call my master -child, a stain” Nicholas says as he goes to stab Antonio. He stopped as he felt a vibration behind him. He ducked before the tentacle hit his head. However, that wasn’t its purpose. The tendril grabbed Antonio and pulled him out.


“To think I ever admired you…..you didn’t work for shit,” Antonio says as Yami swirls around him.


“To think I ever loved you,” Nicholas said as he prepared his knife. “I’m done holding back on you!”


Antonio scowled as he once again said. “Yami! Druge Source” The black eye with white markings turned to stare at Nicholas. Fwosh. The anti-magic knife stabs the eye before returning to Nicholas.


“You’re so arrogant, Antonio. You made it sound like that familiar of yours was impressive. It has some flaws. 1) Yes you have a lot of versatility but you can only use one at a time.”


“And also. He can’t cast spells through the familiar. It is an innate ability of the familiar itself rather than being a spell to cast. An example is a fact he has access to fairy magic but he would only be able to use  1 ability to the actual fairy.” Magnus and Nicholas say at the same time.


“That matters not! You can’t defeat me at all. You have to jump around defensively.” Antonio says cockly as he gets ready to attack.


“Another mistake. Never attack a mage on their home turf” Nicholas says as he slams his hands on the ground. “Remember when I took out that Draugr army. They listen well to their new leader”


Antonio’s eyes widened as he saw the ground shaking. “You son of a bitch!” Near him, a rotten hand popped out -its hands dirtied by the soil. An eerie groan could be heard. The hand slams itself to the ground -digging its fingers deep into the soil. The zombie-like entity used it as a way to climb out of the ground. The flesh on its skull had fallen off due to friction with the soul. It gave a toothy grin at Antonio as the Draugr slammed its arm into the shield it wielded as a war cry to alert the others it was time for battle.


Antonio gulped as he saw that fifty Draugr were summoned, most likely only 50 as more would’ve fit into the garden. They all charged at him with such envy and hatred of the life force flowing in his body. Shink.  A tendril pierced through the brain of an entire column of Draugr. Shink. A tendril sliced off the arm and legs on several of the undead. Shink. The process continued over and over for several minutes before all of them had been armless and legless. “Is this all you had, Sta-” Antonio stopped as he saw Yami block an arm from attacking him.


“Draugr. They have the ability to telekinetically manipulate their body parts. The more you slice, the more difficult you make it.” Nicholas said callously.


Heads, Arms, and Legs began levitating towards them. ‘I can’t deal with this. With no way to kill them…I can’t do shit……… Wait!’ Antonio thinks as he looks at each of the body parts. “Yami! Dragon Source!” The biggest red-eye on Yami glew a green shade -signifying dominance. Each of Yami’s mouths blew with purple draconic flames.


Things started speeding up which confused Magnus. “Why are you speeding this up?” Magnus protested. “I simply find most of this boring. He takes a long time to burn simple undead” Magnus wanted to protest Dormammu’s will but just accepted it. Time had sped up and Antonio had used ¾ of his mana to burn down the army which kept coming back.


Nicholas sighed looking around the garden -burnt to a crisp. “One would say..this is the climax of our battles,” He says with a half-hearted smile.


“One could say that. Yami! Third Eye AwakenShriek. Yami was in terrible pain. The abomination began convulsing as it compounded itself together. All of its eyes were a sacrifice for the power that would be granted. Shriek. Red lightning radiated from the aberration as one giant crimson eye opened up.


The being which this eye belonged to…was Mephisto himself.


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