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The Chronicles of the Magical Programmer: Chapter 6

It was a long and tiresome battle. I felt like a child who would attempt to stop a hydrant from flowing before being pushed by the force. I felt as insignificant as a grain of sand against an ocean. Yet much like the child, I still tried to stop the water even though I was out of my depth.


Rune after rune. Summoning an entire flood in an attempt to stop them from proceeding. Conjuring bolts of lighting to fuel the God of Thunder. While in the midst of this chaos, I thought “Wow. Those goats looked pretty cool” It was a stupid thought but I kept thinking it”


“Power. It is the most important thing in the world. People desire money due to wanting the power to get anything they want. The Grimstone desired power to the point of forcing incest at times. The things that people do for it. What would I do for power? I thought I would have my own limits but apparently, I don’t.


As I summoned Mephisto, I thought how foolish it was. Summoning a devil for help? Only a mad man would do so. But then again, maybe a little bit of Madness is needed in life.


I asked for his eye. He was shocked by the request as it was quite random. He asked me to explain the use. I showed him Yami. He agreed that if I were to ever use the eye, I must be ready to lose my soul after the battle is over. I agreed.”


Magnus was shocked by the familiar and could sense the dark magical energies even from a memory viewing of it. ‘What…the hell is THAT?’ He thought. Nicholas was in the same vein of thought as Magnus.


Kuku. Antonio let out a mad laugh. “I won. I won! Finally after all these years. I won!” Kuku. “What are you going to do? That’s the eye of Mephisto, himself. The amount of demonic energy in it…… You. Can’t. Win.” Yami snarled as the dirt underneath it began breaking down into nothingness.


Bounded Field of Halted Time,” Nicholas says as the runes on the floor glowed with a bright light causing everything to come to a stop. Antonio was paused right when spittle came out of his mouth. “I’m just going to stab him and get this over with-” Nicholas says to himself, sighing until noticing something.


Red and black lightning radiated from Yami as it struggled to move. “ What? It’s moving in time stop!” Nicholas says as he readies his knife. The crimson lightning sparked around the ground like the cracks formed on the very air. Shatter.  The time stop fell to pieces.


“Oh? You were trying to use a stagnation spell? My familiar now has an aura of destruction -destroying anything going near it” Antonio says proudly before stopping seeing Magnus’s father glow with a white aura. White lightning arced off of him as he stared down at Antonio.


“I would say this is the climax of the fight. Wouldn’t you Antonio? O Thor, The Strongest of All. Thy’s Great Hammer strikes thy’s foes once which is enough.” Nicholas says while holding a Mjolnir amulet.


“Yami!” The great aberration charged at Nicholas but was blasted away by the rapid influx of magical energy. “I ask of you a great request. Let me spread your legend. Let me spread your name. Let me ride your chariot! Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr! The Heavenly Chariot of the Thunder God” He says as runes glow heavily all around.


A rift opens up in an empty space above him resembling a gaping mouth. With a thunderous roar and a tremor, a chariot emerges from the rift into the world. “In exchange for help in battling the Frost Giants, Thor gave me the ability to summon his chariot only in the climax of a great battle. I think Thor would see this as the climax” Nicholas said with a smirk.  “You can’t beat me! Not after everything I sacrificed!”


The chariot is a large wooden war chariot with four prows and a dragon head decoration at the front. The wood used to build the chariot comes from the world tree Yggdrasil, numerous carvings have been made in the wood depicting thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, symbols of strength, Thor protecting mankind, the healing of the sick, fertile harvests, and various Runes. Its dimensions are greater than that of the average house and it has two large, straight spikes on its sides used to demolish surrounding obstacles and hurl the debris at enemies. 


Rather than touching the ground, the bulls and the chariot travel atop lightning strikes, manifestations of Thor, allowing it to also move through the air by traveling on the lightning. They create thunderous sounds and webs of lightning with each “stomp” as they travel, and each lightning strike holding the power of a Super Bolt.


Nicholas smiled as he jumped aboard. His hands turned white as they tightened on the reins. ‘I’m going to do this with all I got’ He thinks as the air around him turned into a solid -protecting him from the oncoming tendril which was blasted away by the divine energy.


Magnus watched in sheer awe as his father pulled the reins of the chariot. ‘That’s my dad? I never thought he would be …so cool. And to think that my mom is the one who helped him reach this level of power is crazy.’ He thought as an immense feeling poured into his chest. It was…pride.


The chariot flew in the air as Nicholas looked around. He saw how the sky had been filled to the brim with white, fluffy clouds earlier. But now, it was filled with pitch, black thunderclouds. Lightning radiated from the chariot as it struck down several of the tendrils. Though they were coated with the power of destruction which would’ve normally destroyed the chariot, they were demonic in origin. The chariot was the chariot of Thor himself meaning that it had high levels of divinity. This divinity warded off the demonic destruction.


‘I have to end this battle now!’ Nicholas thinks as divine energies from the sky come down to strike the chariot. His skin slowly starts falling off into flakes as it glows a white color. “Antonio! I swore that I would make you regret the words you had spoken!” He said upon his chariot as hundreds and thousands of divinity-filled lightning bolts hit the chariot. 


“I will make you regret being conceived!” Antonio said with pure hatred as Yami began wrapping around his body. Blood started leaking from his body due to two factors. One was that his body was unprepared to handle such powerful demonic energy. The second is the fact that his soul was beginning to gravitate towards Mephisto.


Nicholas’s body had cracks all over him as the divine energy he kept absorbing was beginning to affect him -causing the cracks. His grip on the reins tightens to the point that it began to draw blood which was quickly turned into plasma. With a flick of his wrists, Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr grunted as they ran on the manifestation of Thor’s powers. Boom! Magnus could see how the air rippled around his father and the booming noise. An indication of the breaking of the sound barrier.


Antonio snarled as crimson lightning arcs off of him. He begins to take big, powerful steps. Each step causes plants to wither and die -destroyed by being in the presence of the demonic energy. Tendrils of Yami shape into a drill-like construct. He jumps up and flares a huge amount of demonic energy -breaking down his own body even further


Demonic vs Divine. Two opposite energies. Mages have long since researched the interaction between the energies. Demonic energies when used for resurrection will resurrect it but in a deformed form. Divine energies bring them to life much better. When it comes to pure destruction, demonic energies take the cake. But never has this much demonic and divine energy been so concentrated in only one small location.


Their clash was legendary. The drill-like weapon had attempted to gut and obliterate the goats. However, the goats of the Almighty Thor wouldn’t give in to demonic forces. They bleated to their lord for more and more they received. Enough divine energy to rip a country into smithereens. Antonio borrowed more of Mephisto’s mana and energy to the point of no return. His soul began to become corrupt as he pushed. 


‘I’m sorry, Master. I hope I was a good father’ Boom. A powerful reaction was created from the interaction between both energies – an explosion.

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