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The Chronicles of the Magical Programmer: Chapter 7



That’s what I said when I was told my parents had died. It wasn’t like I didn’t like them. In fact, I would say I love my parents far more than other children. I know the risks they took to have me. The love they show me when they make sure I am safe before themselves. 


However, when I said okay, everything felt weird. It was strange. It was like when you tell someone when their parents died even though they knew decades ago. I couldn’t muster up even a single tear or even a faint of sadness. Rather I felt disappointment and annoyance.  -Magnus Griswold.



Magnus had collapsed onto the ground. His hands dug into the ground as he slammed it. “Why! Why the hell did he have to die!” He shouted with grief and pain. Things around him had turned into code before reforming back into their previous self.  Red mystical energy began to swirl around him.


Tell me something human. Why do you humans cry when in grief? Does crying have this magical effect that I don’t know of?” Dormammu was annoyed by the constant crying from Magnus.


“Well no but-” Magnus responds before he is interrupted by The Dreaded One.


Then why do you cry? It doesn’t bring back the dead nor does it make the obstacle go away. Get stronger instead of remaining weak so you can get rid of the problem” Dormammu says not wanting a future champion to be constantly crying and weak.


Magnus nods as he wipes away his tears and stands up. Dormammu floats back to the house -more specifically where Magnus’s mom, Sarah, was located. Magnus followed as he saw his mom bleeding out with several daggers stuck in her body. Her beautiful long curly hair was stained with crimson blood. She seemed as if she was awkwardly still to the point that her blood wouldn’t drip down but Magnus was too worried about her wounds to notice anything. Sarah muttered. “Not Yet” to herself over and over.


One of the mages smiles as they hold a  dagger. “I told you it’s more fun to gut a cow rather than slam fireballs” He said in an arrogant tone. Magnus tightened his grip to the point his knuckles became white and his nails dug into his hands -drawing blood. Sarah gasped as she awkwardly stood up. She had dropped down to the floor. Thud. She held onto a chandler on a wall and fell back on the floor. Thud. She decided to crawl on the floor and held on to the pants of one of the mages and uttered out a single word. “No”


The mages look at her in pity. “Get the hell off me, vermin!” A mage said as he kicked her off with enough force to send her careening into a wall. Crunch. Her arm had been broken as she began to chuckle. Her wounds began to drip normally once more, Sarah put her bloody, broken arm in the air and watched as three drops of blood landed on the floor.


“Wait…. She’s sitting on a damn ritual circle!” One of the mages said as their jaw dropped in shock. “But how did she know that she would get kicked to the wall….Numerology!” 


“I summon you. Please, listen to my prayers. I offer up my entire soul to you. J-just save my son. Protect him. Aesha” Sarah said as she went limp. Burning flames of incredible dark magic swirled around her. All the candles around the room lit up in a blazing glory before combining into one giant entity. Dormammu.


Magnus was going to pour out tears but one angry look from Dormammu shut him up. “W-why were you summoned?” He asked as the summoning was meant for Aesha or Asmodeus. “I saw the call and merely intercepted it


Dormammu looked down on all of them and knew what had happened. Some of the burning, dark flames swarmed around the child Magnus. The mages were shocked that it didn’t burn them but left a glow effect on the kid. Dormammu smiled as he unleashed a swarm of the Flames of Faltine. The echoes of the screams were ringing in his ears.


The memory had shattered into glass as they returned to the Dark Dimension. Magnus hadn’t had a good chance to look around the realm. He saw strange pieces of code that seemed to indicate that the dimension was an amalgamation of different dimensions.


Now, Sorcerer. What is your bargain?” Dormammu asked in a raspy voice that had a tone of how a human viewed an insect.


“My bargain is this. I wish to exchange this arm” Magnus says, raising his right arm, “You get me whatever you want in exchange” He was trying to see how much removing the arm would be.


Dormammu inspected the arm. It had begun to turn pitch black with crimson markings in the shape of a dragon. The appearance wasn’t that crucial compared to what was actually going on. An extremely powerful curse had manifested on his arm. Through examination, Dormammu could detect bits of his own magical energy in the curse and saw how the curse was attempting to destroy Magnus in his entirety -first starting with his magic.


I can aid you with this arm.” He said as Dormammu unleashes a blast of the Flames of Faltine onto the arm before being shocked as he sees the arm barely manage to dissolve the magical flames. ‘I thought as much. The arm is a well of Anti-Magical energy. A glorious weapon if used right. It is doing a pathetic job against my flames to the point that I could easily overwrite it in a matter of seconds. Let me test the kid’ He thinks as he says. “Tell me why I should waste my magical energy for a matter that you can do by yourself?” 


Magnus’s face contorted into one of confusion as he looked at Dormammu. Before he could get a chance to question The Ruler of the Dark Dimension, he was interrupted.


“If you really don’t know, then I will kill you” Dormammu says threatening Magnus as the Fire of the Faltine burns menacingly. 

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