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Item#: SCP-808


Object Class: Safe


Also Known As: The Ring of Immortality

Previous Designation (if any): None


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-808 is always on the left ring finger of Charles Lee Alexander

Behavior: None


SCP-808 is a charcoal black ring made of an harmless, but unknown material. It has lead grey engravings on the outside, despite the color we also have 0 idea what it is made of. The size of the ring varies on the wearer of the ring. 

Abilities: As the name states SCP-808 grants the wearer Immortality, preventing them from aging permanently, healing from any and all wounds despite severity, in some rare cases it has been known to enhanced the body with [REDACTED] conditioning


Significant Tests: N/A


Discovery: It was first found in the city of [REDACTED, Greece on the [REDACTED] of [REDACTED]. But SCP personnel found it in the [REDACTED] 

Origin: Locals and myth claim it came from a meteor all the back in [REDACTED]th Century BC were it had multiple wearers

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