Original Characters

Jonathan Woo

Name: Jonathan Woo

Alias: Jon, Jonathan, Prisoner #25

Alignment: Neutral Good


Species: Human

Age: 25

“You do understand that possibly one of your favorite co-workers is a dirty cop?”

He is said to be a very joking yet quiet man. He takes things seriously, he just never shows it. At times he can be very pragmatic and blunt with others.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Ex-Criminal/Detective

State Issued/Monitored Fire arm

State Issued Baton

Basic Powers:
Spatial Perception
Enhanced Intelligence
Power Napping
Peak Human Healing

Menacing Presence
Enhanced Charisma

Archetype: Detective
Historiography Mastery
Interrogation Mastery
Lie Detection
Mystery Solving
Paranormal Mastery
Photographic Deduction
Researching Mastery
Supernatural Investigation
Enhanced Stealth
Supernatural Tracking
Crimefighting Mastery
Criminology Mastery
Detail Detection
Enhanced Calculation

Supernatural to Absolute Intelligence can out smart him


Irreversible Destruction

Anti-Regeneration/Healing Erasure/Healing Factor Nullification
Destruction/Absolute Destruction

Instant death can kill the user before they can regenerate.

Death Inducement/One Hit Kill


His Menacing Presence can be resisted by users of Enhanced Willpower/Fear Masking/Indomitable Will, and users of Absolute Will/Fear Immunity are completely


Extra Info:
He has an IQ of 399

He used to be a criminal, but would sometimes solve crimes with little info on them

So far has had cleared 12 missing cases, 4 murders, and 6 kidnappings

No one actually knows how his intelligence was hidden away for so long, some also can’t recall why he was even in prison

He is Korean-American (And also Bilingual)

He was given a deal that for every big case he solved time will be taken off his sentence, he will also be paid as to help him once he is released. Because in the words of the Woman In White: “If you think he’s fast now, see how quick he’ll work given these new pros.”

The way he talks is sometimes unsettling to some yet calming to others.

He calls himself the Judge, Jury, and Executioner. But not for the reason you think

People effected by his menacing presence claim to see something different when then view Jon

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