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  Long ago, the Universe birthed itself into creation. By unknownly powerful forces, a world of Supernatural and Magic had been born. And with it came the Three Universal Embodiments of Humanity; Wraith, Harmon and Truqil.

  First came Harmon, the Embodiment of all Good. With her existence came Peace, Goodness and Virtues. Harmon viewed all of Kind as entities with unlimited emotions and tranquility. And with her influence, the concept of Good was created. But as everyone knows, Harmon would need balance.

  That’s where Wraith came in. Wraith is the Embodiment of all Evil, Malice and Sin. They view the world as completely corrupted underneath a curtain of light. Due to their lack of Emotions, they would spread their malevolence all over the entire Universe without a care in the world.

  With Harmon and Wraith at near-war, their conflict birthed Neutrality. The Embodiment of Neutrality would be known as Truqil, who did his diligence in balancing everything out while influencing the concept of The Gray Line; the Morality of neither malicious nor benevolent intent.

  Legends of their presence are still around to this day; for they are the Fundamental Forces of both Earth, Miystalu and The Middle Grounds.
Miystalu was created as a unique World full of Mythics, Supernatural and Magic. Separated from Earth and having it’s own laws in certain ways, this place would be the home of multiple Mythical Creatures.

  In the old days, the biggest Species that was around were Mystic Humans; Humans with Magical Abilities. Eventually, they would create Mystical Transportation Doors, permitting everyone to wonder between Earth and Miystalu whenever they wish. These doors were even in houses all across the globe of both Worlds.

  However, something happened to the Mystic Humans. The normal Humans—potentially influenced by Wraith—saw Miystalu as a taboo and proceeded to burn and kill anything Magic. The worlds of Normal and Supernatural would become at war, costing the lives of multiple Mystic Humans. Only few survive to this day, and the Mystic Transportation Doors would be either destroyed or hidden away from the public.

  While Miystalu recovered from Earth’s brutality, they would rebuild themselves and declare Normals as a threat. As a result, they would build Harmon’s School of the Unnatural; a school to train all Supernaturals how to defend themselves should another War with Earth come again.
  With Harmon’s School of the Unnaturals came the Reformation Era; the Era of multiple ideas and beliefs coming into one building to thrive. In order to give both Students and Staff options, Covens were created. The following are the available Covens;

  The Lotus Coven

  With the influence of Harmon on their side, The Lotus Coven are focused on the teachings of Good. Their main focus is on peace and stability, with very few members ever restoring to violence.


  The Gray Coven

  The Gray Coven is one of mysterious ways and potentially hidden natures. They are worshippers of Truqil and desire Balance on both sides. With the teachings of Ying and Yang, they wish to keep Truqil’s influence strong as ever.


  The Malice Coven

  A Corruptedly influenced Coven considered to be led by Wraith, this Coven is Apathetic at best and pure Sadistic at worst. They believe in necessary violence and the art of Killing when the time calls for it, spreading their Forbidden Knowledge of deadly Magics everywhere.


  The Beast Coven

  Led by The Beast King himself, the Beast Coven encourages Animalistic Behavior and the ability of Transformation into Beasts. This is where many Beastshifters would thrive, granting other Species their Arts and Knowledge of such Monstrous Subjects willingly.


  The Mystics Coven

  The Mystics Coven is the biggest Coven of them all. This Coven teaches the art of any and all Magics, including limited Dark Arts, as they see it as a valuable gift from the Mystic Humans before them.


  The Coven of War

  Considered to be a sub-Coven of The Malice Coven, this Coven is dedicated to Combat, Violence and War. Almost all of their members are knowledgeable about Martial Arts, with even some having access to Combat-based Magics.


The Dream Coven

  This Coven is led by The First Dreamer; an entity that seemingly embodies all Dreams. As such, their teachings focus on Dream Walking and the Arts of Dream Magics.


  The Coven of The Middle Grounds

  The Coven of The Middle Ground is home to the belief of The Middle Ground itself. The Middle Ground is considered to be a place between Life and Death where Spirits walk freely. With such knowledge, the Coven focuses on accessing the place and gaining further knowledge of it.


  The Elemental Coven

  This Coven is where all Elements and Elemental Magics are taught. Elementalists are always seen in here and thrive to show Miystalu how Elements can be beneficial to everyone.


  The Trickster’s Coven

  Finally, there’s The Trickster’s Coven; home of most Doppelgängers. This Coven focuses on Illusions, Shapeshifting and overall Trickery in order to get whatever’s desired.

  With many Covens available for everyone, there’s no doubt that anyone can fit in. After all, in Miystalu, Supernatural and all of its Mythics are allowed to thrive with no fear of Earth.
Speaking of Mythics, it’s finally time to talk about them. These are the Species one can expect when visiting Miystalu:

  • Mystic Humans: While very few survived the War between Earth and Miystalu, Mystic Humans are still seen around as people of a higher value and class.
  • Beastshifters: Often called Werebeasts by Normals in Earth, Beastshifters are beings capable of transforming into Beasts at will.
  • Taurs: Taurs are half-Human and half-Animal and are often mistaken for Beastshifters. There’s many variations of Taurs, including Minotaurs, Unicentaurs, Bucentaurs, Elaphocentaurs and Criocentaurs.
  • Doppelgängers: Nicknamed Shapeshifters or Copycats, Doppelgängers are a Species that can Shapeshift into any Animal, Creature or even someone else. They can also mimic Voices and Sounds.
  • Gorgons: These are considered to be an all-Female Species of Snake-like people. With Snake Hair and a gaze able to turn anyone who faces them into Stone, they can be incredibly dangerous when they’re angered.
  • Harpies: Harpies are Humanoids with Bird-like traits, which include Feathers and Wings.
  • Sirens: Often thought to be malicious Mermaids, Sirens are actually Human-like entities with some Bird-ish traits and the ability to lure anyone to them. They’re seen as charming and incredibly dangerous.
  • Giants: These massive creatures said to be the size of two Mount Everest on top of each other are one of the more rarer Species within Miystalu. While they are unable to possess Magic, they make it up with their immense strength and massive size.
  • Cyclopes: A sub-species of Giants, Cyclopes are one-eyed Monsters about the size of a Volcano. Like Giants, they cannot have Magic and instead have incredible eyesight and hearing alongside a ton of physical strength.
  • Orcs: With a massive size, pointed ears and Tusk-like fangs, Orcs are thought to be a sub-species of Giants. However, unlike Giants, they can possess Elemental-based Magics and are commonly known to be extremely sociable in contrast to their Animalistic portrayal on Earth.
  • Elementlings: Elementalings are Beings literally made of an Element that they can control. While not as common as they used to be, some of them are still around and can be seen in The Elemental Coven.
  • Elves: These beings are closely related to Faeries and are seen as a different version of Mystical Humanoids. Elves normally possess Magics related to Nature.
  • Faeries: Faeries are small creatures with see-through bug wings and are considered to be Immortal. All Faeries possess Faerie Dust and are known to have more Magics that are benevolent.
  • Djinns: Djinns are Wish-granting entities that can be found living in Lamps. They are Immortal and can grant Wishes to whoever awakens them by rubbing their Lamps.
  • Dragons: While no longer that common anymore, Dragons are still powerful Beasts capable of being extremely dangerous to whoever crosses them. With massive teeth, the ability to fly and the capability of spewing out a breath of any Element from their mouth, these creatures can be extremely helpful when tamed.

  While there’s always a chance for more Species to appear, all of these are the most prominent around Miystalu. And although they could enter Earth, the War that occurred unfortunately crushed such chances, as any of these Species dating regular Humans became such Taboo that anyone who did so would be executed.

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