Original Characters

The Dragon Killer

Name: Clay Miles Tonic

Alias: CMT, The Dragon Killer, Blonde Jerk (Nick)

Alignment: Chaotic good


Species: Homo-Magi

Age: 25

Personality: Cold, Blunt, Pragmatic, Protective, Stubborn

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Dragon Slayer


Homo-Magi Physiology: Due to being one of the few remaining Homo-Magi, he holds magic within his body. This gives him various abilities

Supernatural Condition (II): With the magic in his body, he is far faster, stronger, and more durable than the average person

Purple Fire Manipulation: His main/signature ability to create, shape and manipulate purple flames. This type of flame is far hotter then blue fire, making it possible to incinerate opponents easily without a problem. He can do whatever he pleases with it like, making blades, hammers, axes and using it to fly. He is also partially resistant to flames that burn as hot or hotter than his


Fire Immunity, Fire Resistance, and/or Thermal Resistance

Any fires that burn hotter or as hot as his

Any powers revolving around pure/holy ice, water or cold based powers

Fire/Heat Absorption


Magic Negation

Magic Immunity

Magic Destruction

Alpha humans or Archmage

His general attitude may put people off, making it hard for some to trust him


Extra Info:
He is 5’9

He is known to be called a “Grumpy old man” by those younger than him

He lost his mother due to a dragon

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