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How a religious experience in Rome can help you get your life in order

° [[Name]] °

Molchanov Yurichka “Yura” Semyonovich

° [[Alias]] °

Demigod of the Forgotten

Doomed to Obscurity

° [[Alignment]] °

Chaotic Neutral

° [[Appearance]] °

° [[Species]] °

Demigod (Domain of the Forgotten)

° [[Age]] °


° [[Personality]] °

“I feel it closing in, as patterns seem to form

From the outside, Yura just seems like an average guy. Kind, nice, helpful, a bit of a jokester. And always feeling fine. Always. Not even a single crack in the surface. Not even one.

Well. If you insist.

The first thing one should realise after hanging around Yura for a bit too long is the fact that he’s always happy. Overwhelmingly happy, in fact. It’s pretty uncomfortable, as all things artificial start to get after some time. That’s because it is artificial. What seems like his chill exterior easily melts down when he’s pressed. 

He’s paranoid and obsessive deep inside, unable to stop the creep of unknown things into his own past. Waking up and getting flashes of gruesome deaths inside your head isn’t healthy for anybody. That added to what he had to live through on his own accord, really destroyed his entire psyche.

In reality, he’s a person who wants to lead a normal life. After leading a childhood full of wandering around without fruition, living in a city that he’s trying hard to fit into and even as a god having a Domain that he doesn’t feel at home at, Yura is bound to at least wish for somewhere he can be safe and secure. In fact, the only thing keeping him from ending it all is the strong hope that someday he’ll be able to live like the others without constant worry.

Within the time period of 4 years or so where he’s finally made his way into the US, he’s gotten significantly better at managing his mental state, mostly due to the fact that he does not have to move around constantly anymore. Even with that being the case, having breakdowns is still a common occurrence for him.

Even with all that trauma he’s gone through, he still tries to be a kind person to everyone. He tolerates everything including crimes, if they’re done in an act of desperation as he understands that himself.

He’s quite passionate about people and things he cares about. He’s fiercely loyal to people who he trusts, turning to extended ways to protect them. And… Well, if you let him talk, he’ll probably explain the build of a ‘64 model Chevrolet Impala to you for hours on end.

I feel it cold and warm, the shadows start to fall”

° [[Gender]] °


° [[Sexuality]] °

Demiromantic Asexual

° [[Pronouns]] °

He/Him – They/Them

° [[Occupation]] °


° [[Weapon/Paraphernalia]] °

“I stuck a 6-inch gold blade in the head of a girl once…”

An ornamental knife which is well, 6 inches. Most of the gold plating has been damaged by what seems like excessive cleaning, but it still does the job fine.

“…They say that happiness is a warm gun…”

A Russian revolver. It has been through some things including the multiple modifications, but it still does the job fine.

  • [Polaroid Camera]

“The same image haunts me… A vision of hell.”

A polaroid camera with a lanyard attached to be carried around one’s neck. May be old and may not print photos properly sometimes, but it still does the job fine.

[Miscellaneous Possessions

  • A wedding band obviously not belonging to Yura, with no visible engravings.
  • A chain to be worn as a necklace. ıt has a cross-shaped charm on it.
  • Another necklace, this time having a pair of dog-tags on it. The backside has his name and info, while the front displays the Big Dipper constellation with the words “Bolshaya Medveditsa” etched around it.
  • Several coins collected from different countries, although most of them hold no value at all.
  • Yellowed newspapers, letters, postcards and photos of old, most of them illegible and undecipherable.
  • Many unfurled cassettes and scratched CDs, and even a few bent vinyl records. 

° [[Powers/Abilities]] °

Born to an unknown father and the Goddess of Memories, Yura inherited a part of his mother’s Domain, specifically over forgotten things. Not being a full god may seem like a disadvantage on his part, but it actually is much more helpful under most conditions.

Yura “inherited” his mother’s power, or at least a part of her domain, just extended a bit.

Well, some of you might be asking “How can something be forgotten if Yura remembers it?”. There’s no real explanation to this. God(s) work in mysterious ways.

Yura’s condition is much, much weaker compared to most gods (and demigods). Not like he would need to be stronger anyways…

…Actually, scratch that. Yura’s physical condition might be matched or even beaten by your average mortal, but his mind is much stronger. It is perhaps the only reason he hasn’t completely lost it yet.

Having mental protection probably helps against going mad as well, probably. This also means he’s more resistant against psychic triggers that may bring back unpleasant things.

Yura can perceive memories of his own and memories that used to belong to complete strangers, all while not mixing them up! Sometimes! Very efficient, right?

Yura is constantly aware of most of the past memories around him in any given moment and location. Given, this isn’t really all too, uh, healthy for your average person…

Yura has a complete collection of all of his memories, and on top of that, every single memory he has absorbed from the environment is added to this! Entertaining!

As the Demigod of the Forgotten, Yura has some control over memories although it is limited. His range extends to things only forgotten and deleted by the public eye, and only from locations and time periods adjacent to his own.

To gather memories, Yura absorbs them from the general area he’s in. His range is quite limited as mentioned.

Yura can interact with memories he has absorbed in many ways, such as making people relive the experiences in the memory with all or only a chosen few of their senses. This includes feelings. Considering that some of Yura’s memories consist of… death, in painful ways, this can be exceptionally powerful. And pleasant sometimes, too! Surprisingly. Why wouldn’t one want to taste a recalled chocolate bar from 1932?

Yura is able to manifest memories as “physical” things on will- such as transfering a sound into a cassette tape, a smell into a perfume, a sight into a photograph, and so on.

Sometimes, especially when Yura is in a bad mental state, memories may overlap into the real world, unwillingly having him create fields where the memories start playing out in their complete form. This is especially prevalent in Yura’s domain, where memories will eventually transform into representations of the previous owner. 

It is possible to speak to the projections created by Yura, unless it’s mentioned that they’re not a real person and just a shadow of the past. They will promptly disappear if this is done.

Yura can force people to relive memories as mentioned above.

Yura can overload a person by forcing them to relive many memories at once. This is not good for him. Not at all.

Yura is not an immaculate fighter or anything, but traveling throughout Europe and the US, possibly dabbling in, uh, questionable activities on the way, he was bound to learn to defend himself in some way or another.

Yura can utilise his absorbed memories in many ways for combat, most if not all of them stemming from the mental anguish and physical pain he can unleash on enemies by forcing them to relive the memories.

Yura possesses great knowledge in guns, both in and outside of combat. Specifically in pistols and revolvers. Speaking of guns, he’s probably smuggled them before.

It’s basic and useful. Yura’s not one to be crossed while wielding anything bladed, considering that he gets pretty stab-happy at the wrong moments…

What it says on the can. Yura’s at least half decent at weaponless combat.

Although it isn’t anything too formal, Yura is a user of a handful of martial arts, the most prominent ones being boxing, krav maga, kickboxing and gun kata.

Nothing to see here, folks. Just something he picked up during his cage fighting ventures.

Just Yura’s hobby.

° [[Domain]] °

[The Urban Junkyard]

“Welcome to… this hellhole. It’s not my home. It’s not yours. It is theirs and theirs only. Who are they, you ask me? Well, I wouldn’t know either! I only get the forgotten ones…”

Its overall appearance based on 20th century brutalist architecture, Yura’s Domain is large and sprawling, forming a small city. The only problem is that it is very… very uninviting and unappealing, except to those who want to cram as many people inside with no effort… Oh. Everything is useless or broken down. 

This Domain is unique in the sense that Yura has little to no control over it. He cannot manipulate it as he wants, since the city itself is basically made up of long forgotten memories that Yura has under his control. It’s not uncommon to see ghastly silhouettes made up of what remains of a dead person wandering the streets, or abandoned stores selling items that nobody knows about. The only signs of life are sometimes the drunk musings of a long-dead person, songs playing from windows left open and Yura himself.

° [[Weaknesses]] °

  • Yura is only at Enhanced Condition Type I. A person with Enhanced Condition can match him while Supernatural and Absolute Conditions will beat him.
  • Enhanced Combat can be beaten by Supernatural and Absolute Combat.
  • His Psychic Shield is not the same as Psychic Immunity.
  • He is a Demigod but not a full-blown one, which makes him more susceptible to things that would mainly work on mortals.
  • …Speaking of being a Demigod, he is also weak to anything that a God would be weak to. Double the weaknesses for pretty much no reason!
  • His Domain is quite limited in what it can do. It only has power over things that have disappeared from the public eye, and you can imagine most of these things aren’t very pleasant.
  • His Memory Absorption works in the general location and time around him, for example he will not be able to obtain memories from 1832 Vienna whilst in 2019 NYC. 
  • Most of his Memory-based abilities also put mental and physical strain on him. Ranging from mood swings to manic states for the former, and ranging from headaches to comatose states for the latter. This is based on the “weight” of the memory, basically an indicator for how hard to stomach/disturbing it is.
  • Combat is hard for him when stripped from his weaponry, since he mostly expertises in martial arts which can be ineffective against supernatural opponents.
  • He is not very mentally stable, and although he won’t break down at the slightest trigger anymore, it is very difficult for him to keep up especially when under pressure.

° [[Backstory]] °

Not much is known about Yura’s early years. His complete heritage is unknown, except for the fact that he was the only child of the now-deceased previous Goddess of Memories.

At age 5, he was brought into a small church inside the town of Verkhlichi by a lethally wounded man, presumed to be his father, in the dead of the night. According to the few people able to report on this incident, the man refused to answer any questions and rejected any help, before taking off his dog-tags and placing them on the child instead. Despite many efforts to hold him back, the man chose to return outside. A gunshot was promptly heard, signifying his death by self-inflicted gunshot.

His body was recovered the following day, and was given a proper burial outside the church. Three items were recovered off of his body: A golden wedding band,a 6” switchblade made out of a gold alloy and plated with unknown material, stained with another person’s blood, and a Stechkin revolver laying next to the body, stained with blood and chunks of… uh, brain matter.

As for the child, the followers of the church started to call him by the name on the dog-tags (Yurichka, or as a nickname “Yura”). At first, he was noted to be borderline catatonic, and would not speak or do anything. This continued for a few weeks until he started to warm up to his environment and realise no harm would come to him.

Despite being suspicious of his origins at first, the town eventually accepted him as a member. He grew up in the church, essentially acting as a surrogate younger brother to everybody else. He was raised a hard-coded Christian, not knowing about the existence of other gods or the supernatural. He was a normal kid to everyone else, with the exception of his excellent memory which didn’t really affect anything, besides giving him bragging rights. 

Yura continued to live in the town well into his teens. At this point, he still didn’t know anything about what had happened to him to end up here. All he knew was that he was born in another small town reminiscent of Verkhlichi, and after about two years they set out on a “journey” which was the beginning of his nomadic life. He and his parents traversed the country towards the west. He remembered that it all started as fun and games, but as they got further, he could see the worry in their expressions more and more. Yura did not understand why they were on the road. Were they running from something? Or was this just some exploration goal? 

He didn’t understand how or why they lost his mother either. All he knew was that he was awakened by his father one day whilst they were staying in a village, telling him that he would come back soon and to not worry. So he did. When his father returned all he could read from his face was fear and anguish. He was told to quickly pack up as they would be leaving. In his father’s hand was a bloodied knife. Yura’s mother was nowhere to be seen.

The two traversed the country further, his father convincing him that his mother would eventually return. She did not.

His father continued to act stranger and stranger throughout the journey. And that’s all that happened before they were attacked by a group of people, dressed in all black uniforms. Between his father’s pleas to “not touch the child” and the people circling in closer, a fierce brawl began. He was shoved out of the way, and yelled at to hide. After the gunshots faded, he found his father lying helplessly on the snow. He spent the last of his power to take Yura to a safe space. And then all this… just began.

Yura, at age 16, slowly came to realise his powers. His great memory was just not a coincidence. He remembered a lot of things, not things that were just his. It was uncanny to have memories, not his, just pop up in his head. And mostly they weren’t anything good. Scenes of hangings, lost soldiers freezing slowly to death, villagers in wartime starving… Worst part was that he was not able to tell anyone. He didn’t want anybody to think that he was losing his mind.

With that, he also felt like he was being watched. Something told him that he wasn’t safe. He indeed was not. So he did the only sensible thing…

…By that I mean, something very insensible. Making a run for it, taking the items left from his father. Making his way illegally into Belarus and then blending into the rest of Europe, to find solutions to his problems. But complex problems need complex solutions. After whatever minimal effort was made to help himself with his mental state and finding out nothing would stop the sudden influx of memories and the visions, he decided to give into the simple vices around him. Shocking his brain with the ecstasy these things gave him helped him think of other things.

Illegal cage-fighting in Berlin to gain money, working part-time as a security guard in Paris, aiding people in the smuggling of guns into Stockholm, hopping on a train and landing in Vienna in the early hours of the day, witnessing drunk hit-and-runs in Naples, watching the scenery of Budapest at night… However, moving around and traveling this much only added to the amount of depressing memories he had. Dabbling in many, many different illegal activities wasn’t much help either. And considering that he did all of this as a person who was barely an adult and was on the verge of losing it, he turned out… fine. Surprisingly.

They say that good things come to those who wait. Yura had waited his whole lifetime for a basic explanation. At age 20, after a night where he got kicked out of a nightclub in Rome for a particularly harsh bar fight and sleeping in the streets, he had a sort of… enlightenment. He still doesn’t know how it happened, but suspects the remnants of his mother’s spirit. 

Something stirred within him and he got up, absent-mindedly watching the lively nightlife around himself. He opted instead to take a walk down the much quieter streets. With all the religious and surreal imagery around him he saw whilst intoxicated, it’s easy to say that he had quite the experience. Feeling spent, he felt like he had to do something. He had run away from his small town for a reason, to find a solution to his problems, but now he was just wasting his life on simple pleasures, a simple short lived solution. 

So he dragged himself to a library, not knowing what he was looking for. Digging around with blurred vision and a bruised, bloodied face, something guided him to the right side. That day was the day he found out about his origins as a god, exploring articles and books written on the Supernatural, regarded as completely pointless by regular mortals. But it just clicked for him. There could not be another explanation.

The further he went in, the more… weird and disturbing things got. Slayers of the Supernatural. This was even more proof that he wasn’t just insane- and it all fell into place when he learnt about “Bolshaya Medveditsa”, a Russia-based organisation of God Slayers, having existed since forever, and possibly having a hand in Cadmean’s killing. After some more research, he realised the emblem on the dog-tags he had been carrying for so long, was the same as Bolshaya Medveditsa. After more confusion, he understood.

His father had been a part of this organisation. Perhaps that was related to his mother’s death. And it would make sense for him to be tracked down since he was a Demigod. In the end, this only made him more curious and confused. So he decided to finally get his life in order, somehow, and build a life anew in the United States, where he had heard the Supernatural population was high and where he could actually find himself.

And that’s his story, folks. Came to the US, probably made a few more messes on the way, but who cares? Things are at least a bit in order.

° [[Extra Info]] °

    • Yura is 5’10 and 123 lbs.
    • He is proficient in Russian and English, and knows about some other languages (mostly those spoken in European countries, German, French and Italian to name a few) just enough to make his way around.
    • He has multiple scars all over his body; a few cuts on his torso, burn marks probably from cigarettes on his arms and bruise marks in a few spots. He has also broken his arms and legs multiple times, and his nose once.
    • Yura’s name is the only thing he knows about his father’s identity.
    • He has many mental disorders, containing but not limited to BPD, PTSD and social anxiety. In addition to his already existing mental problems, Yura possibly has some form of schizophrenia and suffers heavily from some symptoms, the most prevalent one being apophenia, or forming meaningful connections between otherwise unrelated things. This mostly occurs as him seeing authority figures from his life or sometimes even religious symbols. As such he is extremely prone to breakdowns.
    • He has a tendency to obsessively clean things he sees as “dirty”. This includes his own person.
    • One of his coping mechanisms is to laugh, which can be seen as inappropriate at some times.
    • He has entirely stopped drinking, smoking and whatever little usage of illegal substances. They make his breakdowns even worse.
    • He was raised a hard-core Catholic and still does things like praying when he’s in need of some peace.
    • Some of his hobbies include collecting vinyls, CDs and coins, old cars, photography and cage fighting. Old habits die hard.
    • His favourite genres of music are synth pop, synth rock and 80s music in general.
    • “What’s the use of worrying? What’s the use of hurrying? What’s the use of anything?”

° [[VC]] °

° [[Themes]] °

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