One of the most interesting things about a journey is that there will almost undoubtedly be a discovery to be found, whether intentional or not. The ability of those to find anything has many possibilities, and some of those possibilities can be life changing…


The Most Dangerous Conflict, also called the Darkest Times…A horrid event in the world of Spectra when a malevolent supernatural force caused the despair of others, and the tragedy of many, many lives. Even the world’s greatest efforts to try and stop the threat only delayed it for so long, but without a way to end the conflict, Spectra would eventually fall, but then something strange happened. As if there was an answer to the hope of others, the event that caused such tragedy had eventually been ended for good by another force of power, but what happened to the thing that saved them? What was it? Where did it go? Not many knew these questions, but then there were two Traveler’s. They were a duo that searched the world of Spectra for special items and objects called Phenomena; supernatural artifacts or things that can carry many distinct and varied powers of unique capabilities, and to Travel the world and understand them was the intention of these Travelers in particular.

Figuring and deducing that the same thing that saved the world was a new Phenomena that was yet to be discovered, the Travelers traced the area of where to look into and eventually searched and located the Twilight Forest, where there was hardly any life to be found and was a very remote setting. While the two Traveler’s searched the mysterious forest for anything noteworthy, their discovery was stopped when they saw something unexpected; a young, infant child lost in the woods, holding onto a grey gemstone. The Traveler duo immediately went to help the lost infant, unsure of where the parents were and why it was lost, but no matter where they looked, they couldn’t find an indicator of where the baby came from. Feeling sympathetic, the Traveler’s abandoned their research and decided to raise the infant, and gave the child a name and nickname; the nickname Gris for the baby’s silver grey eye-color, and the name Mason in relation to the stone he had with him.

The Traveler’s weren’t sure if the child was by some chance related to the supernatural, given the silver eyes and the grey stone he had with him, but without any other choice they raised Mason normally as any child. It was strange though, as Mason seemingly lacked emotion or expression growing up, but wasn’t apathetic due to having a curious gaze whenever looking at the environment around him,  always having something that caught his eye. Growing up, Mason had been spending time watching and learning rather than interacting with many others, normally doing his own things whenever he and his parents traveled the world whenever to research the supernatural or just went to stay at. He would occasionally wander off and meet many people, but they didn’t really know what to think of him, noting that he never spoke at all despite others knowing he had the ability to do so due to understanding what others said, and even didn’t speak with his parents, but this wasn’t due to being nervous around others or feeling a sense of superiority. To him, he just didn’t see them like who he was, and found it difficult to relate to the beings that were “normal” compared to him, keeping his distance while analyzing others to grasp what they had that he was lacking, or vice versa.

At one point when his parents traveled to Vermillia in the hope to possibly settle down, he wandered off again to look around the setting, but here things felt different, as if he could sense something that wasn’t normal, like him. Young Mason went to search for this unique “source” that seemed to have caught only his attention, walking around and exiting the populated setting and entering Vermillia’s forest area, noticing traces of something he couldn’t understand but could sense somehow, still searching. Normally when children wander alone, they are left to confront dangers of either cruel people or wild animals, but here things were an almost empty ambience that had none of the mentioned threats, as if they were warded off. When he continued searching and traced where this source was from in a remote area, that was the moment he saw a blue haired young girl crying to herself, and alone. He noticed something different about her but was also interested to meet her, unlike other times where he silently looked at people with a curious expression before leaving them alone. While he would normally consider this discovery something that satisfied his curiosity, it was when looking at the girl in an emotional state that piqued his interest in a specific person for once; to him, he’s never quite seen anyone like her as he sensed she was a supernatural, but was also a kid like himself. Instead of leaving the girl alone to continue weeping to herself, he approached her, an encounter that changed both his and the young girl’s life…

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