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Reyna Roberts Birds of a feather

Full Name: Reyna Reagan Roberts(birth name: Crimson Violet Sandiego)

Alias: Akako(In China), Akatsuki(In Japan)

Gender: Female


Age: 15


Birthday: March 20th


Birthplace: Madrid, Spain( Actually Buenos Aires, Argentina)


TMNT fandom: TMNT 2003


Sexuaral Orientation: Straight


Occupation( job or profession): Student,  kunoichi 


Height: 5’2

Weight: 115


Hair Color: Black with red and purple tips


Hair Type: Straight, long, ponytail, bun


Eye Color: Green(actually blue)


Skin Color: Tan


Nationality: Spanish(Argentine)


Species(Human/Mutant/Alien, etc): Human


Powers: yes/no: yes


Likes: Black, red, purple, her friends, her boyfriend, her ex-boyfriend(formerly)

Dislikes: Her ex boyfriend, the cheer captain, the foot clan, bragging and sore losers.


Habits: Glaring, texting, laughing.


Fears: Being hated


Family: Carmen Sandiego(birth mother) 


Backstory:Reyna was born Crimson Violet Sandiego to the world’s greatest thief 1994 version of  Carmen Sandiego. Her birth father was assassinated by the foot clan in Tokyo, Japan.  When she was 2, her mother took her to a rich  billionaire’s house and gave him the baby because Dr. Gunnar Maelstrom was after her daughter.  She saved Alexandra from bullies in 2nd grade and threatened to fight them, making people scared of her. 


Best Friend: Thailah and Alexandra


Romantic Interest: Raphael


Allies: TMNT, every TMNT ally

Enemies: Foot clan, ACME, Lee Jordan, Carmen’s enemies.


Personally: Cunning, hotheaded, violent, insensitive.


Fun facts: She almost died when she pushed Thailah out of the way of a runaway bull.

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