Original Characters

Mills Older brother

Name: Xavier Mills

Alias: Dirty Hybrid, Z, Mills, Big Bro

Alignment: True Good


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Species: Superior Human (Hybrid)

Age: 21

Personality: Xavier is a benevolent guy; he loves to joke around and meet others. But nothing can overcome his love for adventure or his protective/caring nature around his younger brother even making threats towards those who endanger his brother’s safety, He is also extremely laid back and doesn’t let much get to him

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Pronouns: His/He/Him

Occupation: Bartender for the Shifting Shamrock/ Babysitter


Father’s Dog Tags: Is pretty much forced to wear them by his brother (Just imagine it says Tyler T. Mills)

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Gaming Laptop: Just carries this in his backpack, only is on it when on break

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Powers he will have now:

Tactile Telekinesis: Xavier’s main ability which allows him to instead of doing the old “Ooooh look at me I’m lifting up the cuuup with my miiiind oooooh”, He can use telekinetic abilities through physical contact rather than remotely, allowing him to manipulate anything through tactile interactions. He can create a force-field to protect himself from gunfire, explosions, make himself fly, use heat vision, generate electricity, increase his speed and strength.


Attraction and Repulsion

Aversion field

Orbital Field

Telekinetic Maneuver

Telekinetic Grip

Bio-Electricity Generation

Enhanced Senses

Telekinetically Enhanced Condition (Enhanced condition type II)

Powers he will slowly Develop:

Mental Regeneration

Physic resistance

Aura Generation (Healing aura healing is type I)

Telekinetic Blast

Telekinetic Cutting

Telekinetic Pressure

Telekinetic Exoskeleton

Telekinetic Combat

Force-Field Generation

Personal Gravity

Healing Factor (Type I)

Telekinetic Teleportaion



Alcohol Intuition

Gunmanship (Sort of)

Intimidation Intuition

Science Intuition

Lying Intuition

Slight Sadism

Boxing Intuition

Kickboxing Intuition

Grand: 100% is a transformation in which Xavier brings his abilities to their peak.

Stage 1:

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Stage 2:

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Stage 3:

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(Heal) (“Gotta heal hol’ on!”): A move where he builds up his aura to heal wounds

(Aura Appearance)

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(Tele Blast) (“Back the hell up”): Can send out a blast of telekinetic air towards an opponent can charge this up and increase range and power

(Tele Tp) (“Boo!”): Can disappear and reappear at will.

(Lion Tamer): A move where he solidifies his telekinetic energy to create 2 whips which he can use for restriction, offense, or even for transportation

(Rebound) (“Right back at cha!”): A move where he can take something blasted or thrown at him sent back at half the power and half the speed


Tag Combo(s): With His younger brother

Time to show you what two Tele’s can do!

Weaknesses: I need to work on these

Psychic Shield

Continuous or heavy enough damage can either weaken or break through the force field.

Isn’t as powerful as someone who physically trained their body to be enhanced or supernaturally superior to others

Absolute Condition

Supernatural Condition

His Brother means extremely much to him

High Frequency noises they mess up his concentration and therefore some of his powers

He is unexperienced with his powers

Critical Energy can and will kill him


Backstory: Hello, my name is Xavier Mills nice to meet you. Now I am a human nothing to interesting I work at the Shifting Shamrock full time, and I am a babysitter Parttime I do this all for me and my little brother who is usually hanging out with his friends at near the house. My mother had passed away when I was 7 and my brother couldn’t grasp the concept of death…my father that piece of garbage left, leaving me and my baby bro with my aunt who took fantastic care of us. We lived with her for years before I was old enough to get a job and moved to New York where we managed to settle down. But Recently, Stuff has been going on with me all of a sudden, I feel scarily stronger and faster. I broke my alarm clock with just a flick, I dashed all the way to a friend’s place and back in just what I think to be minuets or seconds…I don’t know what is happening to me I brought it up to only my aunt…and she knows something she just won’t tell me.


Extra Info:

He was involved with the Death Angels

Has a younger brother

Is good at coin tricks

Wears Heelys

Is a part time Baby sitter

Is experienced with Butterfly knives

He hates his father immensely, not because of his neglect but because of the fact he didn’t come to Mary’s (The mother) funeral

His brother has been developing abilities but keeps them hidden

Is experienced in playing the drums and is learning how to play the piano



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