A Blue Rose

Fate and destiny, a very strange idea that shows the possibility and potential of what can happen in the future. There are those born and destined for greatness, but what about the burden of expectations and fulfilling prophecies? There are those who are unsure of their place in the world aside from what they were made to do, and sometimes, knowing that they will only be seen differently can lead to misery and conflict from within…


In the world of Spectra lies the land of Vermillia, a beautiful setting where the greenery is most vibrant, the natural blue bodies of water like the rivers and lakes flowing along, forests that are home to many wildlife, and a mountainous range that brings about the land’s scope, it is also a place owned by a royal family of supernatural origin. This family was a race of human-like plant entities that took residence of the land, creating communities and settlements for other beings ruled over by the head of the family, his wife, and their other members and subjects that took part in managing most activities not just in their residence but even had ties to other settings outside of Vermillia to expand their influence. During a previous point in time, the family was recovering after one of the most dangerous conflicts in the world that threatened everything but was fortunately stopped by an unknown force that strangely showed no signs of what it truly was, but because of what happened, the family was tense and in fear of losing what they had.

However, there was also a new hope that surprised the lord and wife after their daughter was born, as the child wasn’t born with typical features but unique ones even for their kind specifically; the child was born with azure blue hair and rose-pink colored eyes, a rare mutant trait that symbolized a prophecy of their culture. Due to a belief that the family had regarding a being who could “possess the power of Gaea” and the features the child owned that were indicators of her destined potential, the family came to a decision; to ensure that their legacy was secure and safe, they had to raise their child and train her capabilities for the future, but kept the belief to themselves while hiding the truth from the rest of the outside world. The child born with unique features and destined for greatness was a familiar kind, the young girl who sought to be at peace, and a companion to unique allies and friends. Her name is Roselia.

*As a child, young Roselia was constantly demanded to train her abilities without rest or break, and forced to obey her family’s orders. While the family always reminded themselves that it was for the better, Rose herself was too young to grasp the intent of why her own family would make her do this, but she was unable to speak her own thoughts. She was made to train until she could barely move her body and nearly collapse, but every time after she recovered Rose was immediately sent to train again, a cycle that would repeat for just a few years until she eventually questioned her parents why she had to go through this. Instead of telling their daughter the reasons, they instead brushed her aside as if her own thoughts didn’t matter to them, but she felt that they were hiding something, anything that she tried to understand, but she couldn’t get an answer.

The stress, the uncertainty, it got too much for her and she ran off on her own. She left her home, getting far but was faced with many threats like wild animals and harmful people, and was unsure of what to do. For every moment that Rose felt to be in danger, she would use her latent abilities to run away, but when she was unable to and was cornered, she was forced to fight back and unleashed powerful surges of auric energy to ward off the threats, but seeing the fear in their eyes after she used her powers made her worried of herself. To her, she felt unaccepted due to what she was made to be; a powerful force influenced by her own family. Eventually after the confrontations, Rose found a quiet, and lonely place in a forest area outside of Vermillia’s populated settings, finding a spot to sit and cover herself with her own arms for comfort as she now felt more alone than before and slowly teared up, unable to bear the weight of expectations and rejection. This moment was when the Azure Rarity was showing vulnerability, feeling unloved and rejected for what she was, and was left to shed tears in a place only she was in, alone…

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it's complex to say the least
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Very interesting
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