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Zeke Cage, Yeah his gang is based off of the Reapers from Infamous…

Name: Zeke Cage

Aliases: Z, Mister Cage, Mister C, Boss man, Boss, Reaper

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 2003

Place of Birth: St. Louis 

Race: Egrokinetic/Human

Occupation: Gang Leader of the Death Angels

Current place of residence: Not known

Voice type: Kai Chisaki Dubbed voice

Quirks, strange mannerisms, and/or annoying habits: Always sounding annoyed and tired, blowing flour (Only when he bakes), eats the topping on pizza first

Education level: High

Hierarchy/social standing: Average

Hair color and type: Scruffy, Short, and Brown

Eye color: Brown, but seems to emit a small but still noticable reddish orange glow

Skin tone: White (Caucasian)

Scars or physical deformities: Bullet wound on his left leg and shoulder

Mental illnesses: (I’m trying to think of this part)

Height: 6’0


Body type: Average slim build

Favorite color: Yellow

Favorite food: Pepperoni Pizza

Likes: His Girl, Tommy and Sarah, Humans, Guns, Knives, 

Dislikes: Getting shot, Getting shot at, being lied to, Being threatened, Gun Jams, his friends or girl’s well-being being endangered, The Supernatural, Quince

Religious Preference: None


Knife: A gift from Sarah, Good for slitting throats but better for hunting

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Ring: A gift from his Girl, is never seen without it

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AK-47: His weapon, His beautiful weapon named Lisa

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Pistol: His oh so very special pistol….it was a gift from Tommy

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Mask: Wears it during Gang Robs (Just stealing from other gangs, ALL MEMBERS OF DA WEAR THESE)

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Hoodie: All members of DA wear this to HOODIE IS RED EXCEPT FOR THE BONES

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Superhuman Strength: He Possesses greater physical strength than a normal human. An example is when he effortlessly pulled his best friend Tommy to the point where he shows physical pain. He has also displayed being able to send others flying several feet through the air with his kicks, was also able to effortlessly pull off a chain-link door off a cage.

Superhuman Agility: Zeke also possesses incredibly agility and grace, allowing him effortlessly scale buildings, and land on his feet from several stories. He has also shown to be able to easily balance himself on any surface, no matter how narrow, and run across it as though it was a large strip of road.

Superhuman Stamina: Zeke is able to exert himself for far longer periods of time. He is seemingly able to run for an endless period of time and is able to scale buildings without any hindrances or exhaustion. Despite this, He is still capable of tiring.

Superhuman Durability: He is far more resilient and enduring than a normal human being, he is able to fall from almost any height and land unharmed. He first discovers this when falling into a abandoned restaurant to find Tommy and Sarah, commenting that “I’ll walk it off….“. He has also been shown to be able to withstand numerous gunshots while showing only slight discomfort.

Accelerated Healing Factor: He has shown to be able to rapidly recover from sustained wounds and injuries. He is shown to be able recover from any form of harm he receives, so long as the damage isn’t fatal, and he is not harmed again before he has a chance to recover.  (Type II)

Flow motion: He can use the environment to his advantage, allowing him to perform feats such as kicking off almost any surface, air dashing, swinging around lampposts, grinding along rails, and battling enemies with speed and style.

Killing intent: He can give off their pure killing intent affecting opponents and others around the vicinity.

Bio-Dark Energy Manipulation: (Energy is black and grey, with the “Inside” of the energy being a faded red)

Energy Absorption: He can absorb various forms of energy, while removing it from the source, into their body and use it in various ways (Hand contact)

Glowing Eyes: (Eye have a slight reddish orange glow)

Energy Drain: He can drain energy from individuals or objects. They can drain physical energy from a target or group, making the affected physically weaker or causing them extreme fatigue. (Can be only a couple feet away or hand contact)

Energy Aura

Energy Regeneration: He can use energy to regenerate their body (Type II)

Ergokinetic Combat: Is able to utilize energy with his physical combat skill

Energy Infusion: He can infuse objects with energy, empowering and energizing them (Hand Contact)



Spray Paint Skills

Body Language Analysis

Acting Intuition

Parkour Combat

Krav Magav



Gun Kata

Enhanced Gunmanship


Intimidation Intuition

Interrogation Intuition

Crime Mastery

Torture Intuition

Enhanced Thievery

Stealth Intuition

Lock-Picking Intuition

Sleight of Hand Intuition

Business Intuition

Escape Artistry

Enhanced Violence

Lie Proficiency


Way too much energy will harm him

Using more power than stored will exhaust him after expending too much energy.

Anti-Energy will either stump or completely mess up his powers

His Girl

His Friends

People who are immune to energy

Powers become extremely destructive and dangerous when he is angry


Lucas Cage (Adoptive Father)

Melissa Cage (Adoptive Mother)


Pets: A German Sheperd named Kane

Role model: His Father

Hurting loved ones

Losing control of his powers

Losing his friends, Girl, and Family

Goals: Be the best gang leader in the world

Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

Relationships/Love interests: Skylar (Girlfriend)

Sklar was the one girl who didn’t dislike Zeke, hell he even tried to scare her off 12 times…but each had failed after 7 hang outs and 11 dates the two were extremely close to the point where Zeke now lives with her.

Tommy (Best friend)

Sarah (First Partner)



The supernatural

Any other Gang

Sexual partners: Skylar

Hobbies and interests:



Babysitting (It was a long time ago, but he loves kids)


Bio: He’s crafty, mysterious and gloomy. He was born and grew up in a great family in a broken, crime ridden, town, he lived without worry until he was about 13 years old, but at that point everything changed.

He watched his first friend get killed by the supernatural, and without a second thought…killed the supernatural. Without any help he had to survive in an odd world.

But with his courage and determination, he managed to train to perfection and start a new life, even finding a family at 16. Now the leader of a gang, he strives to be the best of the best not letting anything get in his way.


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