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Coenraad de Groot, my Harry Potter universe OC

This here is my original character I use for roleplays on Hogwarts Extreme site. This text is here because I believe it would be better to throw a link rather than copypaste this grand wall of text in every RP thread I am interested in.

Name: Coenraad de Groot
Age: 13
Year: Third. House: Slytherin
Gender: Male
Blood Status: Mixed. Mother is a pure-blood English witch, father is a muggle-born Dutch wizard, both are loving and supportive.
Favourite subject: Charms
Worst subject: Muggle studies. Just boring, he had already been living in the Muggle world for the first ten years of his life.


On the outside, Coenraad looks like an average quiet boy with little to no personality; his voice is quiet, almost incapable of yelling, and he usually speaks in short phrases. During classes, he opens his mouth only to answer teacher’s questions or to help his housemates with lessons, not to chat about something unrelated.

But should you get to his good side, and he will change completely. Coenraad will not hesitate to share even his boldest and maddest plans, if you are his friend. He also loves to throw in jokes from time to time. This half-dutch wizard loves to be a first or a second person in the company, constantly engaging his friends in actions and adventures. If his pals need help, he will try his best (and his best is a lot, given his wit, magical talent and not big respect for laws and regulations) to come up with a great plan how to fix everything.

Nonetheless, Coenraad doesn’t really have much friends. Despite being a mixed-blood wizard, this fella still has a lot of infamous Slytherin haughtiness. No, of course it is not about his blood status, but he loves to judge people. If a person has problems learning, he sees that person “a fool”, thus not worthy of time. If a person is afraid of magic or teachers, like Neville Longbottom, he sees that person as “a coward”. People who hold pride for their pure magical blood mostly become his rivals. Coenraad is master when it comes to detecting flaws of other people, but blind to his own vices. This boy is not yet wise or adult enough to see that he hates a lot of people, and hates for all wrong reasons.

Coenraad’s magical talent and disrespect for most people around led him to become a lover of duels. If there was (or is) a dueling club in Hogwarts, he would visit it a lot: to practise spells and to prove himself that he is indeed superior to others. Given that, defeats there would hurt him badly.

Plus, Coenraad is secretly afraid of broom flight, that’s why he never even considered becoming a Quidditch player. He rarely attends Quidditch matches, even though he is just a viewer.

Physical Appearance:

Coenraad’s appearance is rather common. His height is a bit below average for his age. Average constitution, not fat, not thin, not muscular. His hair are blond, but not as blond as Malfoy’s. His skin is white, but not pale. Doesn’t wear glasses. Most people would call that fella pretty, for he lacks flaws like acne, birthmarks or freckles, but he also lacks any good appearance features (including birthmarks or freckles).


Coenraad de Groot was born in Netherlands, in the family of a muggle-born wizard Lucas de Groot and a pure-blood English Witch Elizabeth Avery. Coenraad’s parents were keeping him ignorant about the existence of Wizarding World, but some strange events happened in their house from time to time. Father’s teacup which was always clean, a shoe horn which had always been found in new places around the house, plus Coenraad could swear he saw his teddy-bear fly when he was six. That’s why he became very interested in everything supernatural. He made his tradition to try to catch Sinterklaas (Dutch Santa Claus) to prove his existence and, when being asked whom he wants to become when he grows up, Coenraad answered “ghostbuster” without any hesitation. When truth was revealed and Coenraad got his letter from Hogwarts, he had only said that he knew everything right from the start.

When the young wizard arrived in Hogwarts, he had been sorted out to the house of Slytherin. Coenraad himself was indifferent to this new, but his parents were grimly surprised.

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