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The Illuminati — Info Post

We the Illuminati come from the shadows of the Exiled areas. We are a group of people of different kinds that come together with the belief of all whom think must share. We wish to remain anonymous, for our privacy is the most concern.

  We the Illuminati swear to never harm neither God’s Eye nor The Innocent Eye, for they are either pure or are the controller of all whom exist within their Reality. Our place serves to help both of these Beings, for The Devil has ultimately shattered their hands and screamed their ears to silence.

  The Ideology we believe in is of misunderstandings; we all believe that there is only One God. One person that decides all. Those who imposter then must be wiped clean, for they are against the theory of The One God. We don’t kill all we see, but rather kill all who’ve opposed us and who may be a threat to The Innocent Eye.

  We wish to heal our one Truly Innocent, for they are God’s only hope of restoring everything to their wishes. We purify all members who have been controlled by the Fake Royals and such, as they believe there is more than one God. We deny that claim, for there can only be one that embodies all.

  We cannot say whether or not we control all, for that is not our choice. It is of God’s choice to destroy or create; to heal or kill; to make or break. Only they can make all the decisions. We cannot.

  We believe that Judgement Year is an important day, for it is the cleansing of The Corruption Eye. The Devil is attempting to make us all Insane, but we will not fall. We will continue to purge through his army and will sacrifice his blood to help The Innocent Eye bathe in its purity. For that is all we know.

  We the Illuminati will remain here forever, even if another Mega Calamity of God’s wish occurrs again. We will not stop until all people are forever purified from The Devil’s hands, for they have all gone insane. We will not stop for nobody but God. No Law, no Threats, nothing else. We only obey God. Nobody more, nobody less.

  We the Illuminati have spoken. We will not say more to you. If you join us, you will be forever safe. If you don’t, you will suffer the wrath of another Calamity. You have been warned.

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