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Julian Masiah

Name: Julian Masiah

Alias: The current holder of the Warrior’s Soul Bound

Alignment: True Good


Species: Prime Superior Human

Age: 24

Personality: Calm, Sarcastic, Bloodthirsty, a Bit airheaded, Cautious, Kind

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Omni-Sexual

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: N/A

Shield made from the bones (and scales) of a dragon
Blades:Ebony Shield - The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP)

Sword made from Demonic Gold
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Basic Abilities:
Supernatural Condition (II)
Enhanced Swordsmanship
Enhanced Combat
Peak Human Wit
Training Regimen
Enhanced Healing Factor
Ergo-Kinetically enhanced Condition
Genetic Inheritance
Bloodline Inheritance
Dominant Genetics
Pain Resistance
Bloodlust Aura

Armor Manipulation:
Spiritual-Chi Armor Creation/Manipulation/Generation
Chi-Constructs (Sword, Shield, the armor itself)
Armor Creation
Partial-Chi Armor
Energy Armor Creation

Materialized Guardian:
Automatic Attack
Automatic Defense
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Endurance
Spiritual Weaponry
Weapon Creation
Weapon Proficiency
Summoning Combat
Summoning Defense
Automatic Support
Sensory Sharing
Symbiotic Connection
Heat Generation

Breaker Touch
Chi Manipulation/Negation
Energy Absorption
Energy Negation
Magic Destruction
Magical Energy Absorption


Extra Info:
Depending on whether he uses his powers to their full extent or not will determine if the armor is an exo-skeleton or actual armor

He is 5’10

His training regimen sometimes will involve him hurting his muscles far past human ability

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