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Meria: The Rise of an Oceanic City

  Everyone knows the story of Atlantis; an ancient Underwater Kingdom that’s home of many Atlanteans. But not many people know of another Oceanic City; Meria

  Meria was formed after The Winged War ended. Though they were not involved with the battle between Demonic and Angelic, many Underwater Species feared of losing their main Goddess and becoming war-torn. Who was that Goddess, you ask? It was Misia, the Goddess of The Sea and Water.

  Misia was a young and lesser-known Deity and the child of Honi, who was the Goddess of Nature. After the fall of Cadmean Ambrosia, Misia began to plan to create a City of her own. With the alliance of many of the Underwater Beings, she began to create a City deep in the waters of the Southern Ocean. And right as The Winged War ended..The City of Meria was born.

  With Meria’s creation, many people joined in to become city members. Misia was dubbed the Queen of Meria and was allowed to be the solo Ruler; no Kings need. Some city folks include the following:



  Obviously, Merfolks were permitted access into Meria. Commonly mistaken for Fishfolks, Merfolks are easily findable. Said to have a deep connection to Misia, many don’t leave the water. Some Merfolks can’t even transform their tails into legs.



  The distantly related Species of Atlanteans, Fishfolks are Humanoid Fish. Because of their Humanoid Appearance, they have the ability to walk on Land and swim in the Sea. They are unable to have a Human Form, though, and must stay close to the Southern Ocean.



  Sometimes a Natural Enemy of Merfolks, Mersharks were trained to become Soldiers and Warriors for Meria. While some still despise Merfolks, many Meresharks have put that aside to protect their new City.



  Not to be confused with Mersharks, Weresharks are Humanoid Sharks. They serve as Guards and Generals for Meria and are occasionally sent out to the Surface World to gather information.



  The Demonic Counterpart of Merfolks, Sirens are Aloof and Hedonistic Creatures who lure Fishermen to their Drowning Demise with their Siren Song. How they were permitted into Meria is a mystery, as Misia has never vocally or publically addressed their killing Nature, nor has she ever attempted to stop them from doing so.


  Sea Demons

  A type of Demon that’s adapted to the depths of the Deep Waters, Sea Demons are Creatures that attack both Fishermen and other Underwater Creatures. Due to this, it’s speculated that they’ve snuck into Meria, hiding in the Shadows of the City while waiting to attack those who come close to them.



  Seals in the Sea and Humans on the Surface, Selkies are mainly Female. They don’t exactly have a task per say, as they just mainly explore around the Southern Ocean. Because of the Myths surrounding their Seal Pelt, they try their best to hide or protect their Pelts from theft to prevent Human Males from taking the Pelts and making them his Wife.


  Sea Nymphs

  Sea Nymphs are a variation of Nymphs that are associated with the Oceans. Considered to be Demi-Gods in comparison to the Naiads, they’re always Sweet and Pacifistic. They mainly serve as Maids around Meria, helping others and cleaning the Castle.



  Undines are Water Spirits. Because of this, they’re mainly forced to stay in Meria and cannot leave to the Surface World less they wise to dry up from the Sun’s Heat. They mainly serve as Medics and Healers for Meria.



Considered to be minor Deities that’re second to Misia, Naidas are extremely powerful, but sometimes mistaken for Hydrokinetic Humans. Because of their Power, they serve alongside Misia herself and are hired to be Admirals of Meria.



  Despite being mainly born in and associated with the city of Atlantis, many Atlanteans took the opportunity to become members of Meria. Many who joined were the Aquatic Atlanteans that became Warriors alongside Mersharks. Some even become Commanders that help the Wereshark Generals.


  Sea Elves

  The Oceanic variation of Elves, Sea Elves are mainly Servants to Misia and some Naiads. Barely going to the Surface World by choice, they mainly gain their Outsider Information from Weresharks.


  Hydrokinetic Humans

  A Hydrokinetic Human is a Human who’s Powers are associated with Water. Able to Control and even Manipulate the Element, they’ve even adapted to the Underwater Depths. Due to this adaptation, they’ve made their way into Meria, occasionally returning to the Surface World to relay information to other Elemental Humans.


  A New Species: Anglerbeasts

  Created by Misia herself, Anglerbeasts are a combination of Anglerfish and Merfolk. They don’t exactly communicate well and act like Anglerfish, hence the term Anglerbeasts. They’re mostly used as Beasts that attack intruders and unwanted threats.
Despite the process of Meria’s growth being mainly peaceful, Misia herself has been recently dealing with personal issues. Besides her job to keep her Domains balanced and keeping Meria at peace, she also has to deal with an enemy; her own Sister named Volasha, the Goddess of Volcanoes, Lava and Ash.

  Volasha is also a Daughter of Honi. But unlike her other Siblings, she had ran away from home when discovering who her Father was; a secret that no other Nature Children know. Filled with Rage, Volasha created her own Army, planning to assassinate her own Mother. However, it hasn’t been set in motion just yet. Whenever she attempts it, Misia always gets in her way.

  The two Siblings have been at War with each other. It’s only a matter of time before these two seemingly opposing Goddess go to full War; a War both on the Surface and within the Sea…

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