Original Characters


Name: Tyron

Alias: Ty, Son of the Siren



Species: Siren

Age: 18

Personality: Kind, Calm, Quiet, Respectful, Violent

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

Pronouns: His/He/Him

Occupation: N/A


Sonic Scream
Supernatural Hearing
Supernatural Smell
Blood Sense
Supernatural Vision
Night Vision
Supernatural Speed (II)
Supernatural Stamina
Supernatural Strength (II)
Fin Manifestation
Gill Manifestation
Speed Swimming
Water Maneuverability
Feral Mind
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Endurance
Fin Manifestation
Flexible Skeleton
Flexible Organs
Gill Manifestation
Scale Manifestation
Supernatural Swimming
Swimming Tail
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Endurance
Water Maneuverability
Spenlunking Mastery
Semi-Biology Mastery
Hunting Mastery

Grand: Broken Siren Song
Due to an accident during a hunt, Tyron’s throat was injured via a harpoon causing a vocal cord to be destroyed. Since then his siren song has been into more of a siren screech which can destroy the ears of whoever is unfortunate to hear it.

Tekc(s): N/A

Tag Combo(s): N/A

Screaming hurts his throat
Being Semi-Mute
Sirens more powerful than him
Absolute condition
Supernatural Hunters
His tail

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:
In Siren form he is 5’10
In his human form he is 5’7
He has a secret pet cat named “Olive”
He rarely talks, but when he does it is written down by his father for an odd reason
He loves Sushi
He likes watching people anytime he can

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