Original Characters


Name: Fidi Lanxstrom Pigi

Alias: Dr. Pigi, Dr. Lanx, Dr. L, Brother

Alignment: N/A


Species: Flame Demon (Wrath Varient)

Age: N/A

It would be best to calm down. Getting worked up won’t do much but cause more trouble..”
Calming, Talkative, Collected, Kind, Sweet

If you.. EVER say something like to anyone around here. I will personally see to it me and my brother make sure nothing, not even the pathetic construct that is your soul is left..
(Note you have to get him a new kind of furious to act like this)
Violent, Threatening, Intimidating,

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Therapist


Basic Abilities:
Supernatural Condition/Body (II)
Jeet Kune Do Mastery
Body Language Analysis
Character Judgement Mastery
Child Caretaking Mastery
Child Companionship
Counseling Mastery
Deception Mastery
Interrogation Mastery
Intimidation Mastery

Personal Spiritual Fire Manipulation:
Fire Absorption
Heat Absorption
Fire Attacks
Fire Generation
Fire Immunity
Heat Immunity
Heat Manipulation
Heat Generation
Personal Heat
Thermal Ionization
Flame Solidification
Pyrokinetic Constructs
Soul Destruction
Soul Healing via Healing Fire.
Soul Mutilation

Grand: WIP

Tekc(s): WIP

Tag Combo(s): WIP

Fire Immunity
Fire Resistance
Thermal Resistance
Weak against Fire Sealing and Spiritual Water Manipulation
Holy Fire Manipulation
He and his flames can be overpowered by water, ice, and/or cold.
Indomitable Will and Personal Mastery
Those with Apathy or Emotion Negation


Extra Info:
He is Eternis’ Step Brother and is a Therapist

He is 1 inch shorter than Eternis

He helped Eternis with the divorce

According to Eternis

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