Original Characters


Name: Andrew ‘Blind-Walker’ Wallace

Alias: Andy (By Gang Leader), Second in Command of the 8’s (Most of the Gang)

Alignment: True Evil


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Species: N/A-Human

Age: 25


“It’d be better if you didn’t lie. Your heartbeat sped up.”

Intimidating, Calm, Calculated, Quick thinker

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Member of the Underground (Second in Command)


Walking Stick/Sword: Made by his gang’s leader. “To be normal, yet deadly.” in his own words.

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Interrogation Mastery

Intimidation Mastery

Crime Mastery

Criminology Mastery

Martial Arts Mastery (Jeet Kune Do, Boxing, Ju-Jistu, Ninjustu)

Peak-Human/Supernatural Condition (I):

Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Balance

Peak Human Dexterity

Enhanced Durability (I)

Peak Human Endurance

Peak Human Flexibility

Enhanced Immune System

Peak Human Regeneration

Peak Human Reflexes

Enhanced Speed (I)

Peak Human Stamina

Peak Human Strength

Supernatural Hearing (Blindsight/Echolocation/Radar Sense)

Supernatural Smell

Supernatural Taste

Supernatural Touch


Those with Absolute Condition

Sensory Deception

More susceptible to sensory attacks.

Sensory Overload

His flexibility has a breaking point, as does his durability and Regeneration

His partners Kyle is essentially his brother, and he will do anything to make sure he’ll be okay

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:

He lost his vision when he was 8 during a incident of police brutality and a counter 9 flashbangs

He is 6’0

He is know to never remove his “glasses”, but he says he’ll only due so for those who deserve to see his eyes.

Kyle has seen Andrew’s eyes and the only way he could describe them was “If the human pupil cracked.”

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