Original Characters

Soul of Spite

Name: Al

Nickname(s): Alice/Alex, The Soul Of Spite, mess of magic and rage (Error)

Gender: Non-Binary

Age: N/A (But appears to be in mid to late teens)

Species/What Are They: ???

Soul (Color): Black

Sexuality: Pansexual

Atc: 11

Def: 45

Exp: ???

LV: ???


Unique Physiology: Al’s body is constructed out of magic from their soul and comprised of physical matter, Al’s entire body does not consist of any organs or tissue to function. Their biology granted them a large number of capabilities superior to that of a human and monster, as well as Semi-immortality.

Self Biomass Manipulation: With Al’s Unique Physiology they also gained the ability to shape the mass that makes up their body. They can form blades, whips, ect out of their mass. Anything the construct is black in color.

Superhuman Strength: Al naturally possessed a great amount of strength that surpassed feats of human potential. During a fight with Dist, they cracked open a gaster blaster of his. The blaster itself was said to be “Stronger than steel.” They also made giant craters in a fight with Dust.

Superhuman Durability: Al is far more durable than the average human, being able to withstand multiple hits from an enraged Dist, who was strong enough to dent metal. Though she is far from invincible. As known as her body could barely handle the damage from a beat down Dist delivered, sustaining multiple injuries

Superhuman Speed: Al is shown to be extremely fast, moving at the speed where their movement isn’t clearly shown when running, similar to teleporting.

Superhuman Agility: An example of this is when Al backflips off of a Gaster Blaster to launch themself at Dist after getting struck down by Slaughter.

Superhuman Stamina: While they can get tired, they seems to almost always have enough energy to keep running and fighting. As their limit is when they fought Dist for 5 straight hours..

Regenerative Healing Factor: A; can regenerate damage caused to them, such as missing pieces of their “mass” and extreme wounds. The speed of the regeneration depends how impactful the damage is.

Weapons: Whatever they make from their body

Fighting Style: N/A

Friends with: Thomson, Laura, Ink, Good versions of sans

Neutral with: Ian and Slaughter

Enemies with: Dist, Error, Dust, Horror, Nightmare, Bad sanses

Family: Dust, Ian, Laura, Thomson

Crushes: Dist (Previously)

Single, Taken or talking: Single (Broke up with Dist upon… the betrayal)

Personality towards humans: Chill, calm, not to talkative

Personality towards Strangers: Silent, all watching, Ready for whatever,

Personality towards friends: Talkative, loving, Joy filled,

Their powers slowly become weaker and weaker if too much damage is made

Their love for Dist is raging and they will do anything just to see him

Like everything that isn’t a Sans, Al is extremely vulnerable to Karma

Al fears that Dist will kill them, without Al being able to apologize or talk him out of it. Th thought constantly fills them with fear and dread

Likes: Food and their friends

Dislikes: Error, Ian, Dist being sad or angry

Fears: Losing Dist forever, Error managing to manipulate Dist


Alignment: True Good

Get Dist back (On going)

Stop Error from not only manipulating others but stopping him
from destroying universes (On going)

Job: N/A

Items: N/A

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