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Character Sheet #35: Lochesh Vega

Name: Lochesh Vega

Alias: The Scavenger/They Who Takes

Alignment: True Neutal


Species: “Human” (Self-Proclaimed)

Age: 28(?)

PersonalityObservant and extremely quiet, Lochesh is a unique entity who finds enjoyment in collecting items from all across the Omniverse of Fiction and beyond. Their curiosity to learn about new Worlds takes on a tone of mysteriousness too when you realize that they have no place of Origin. However, they seemingly do not have malicious intentions even at face value and mainly appears to avoid conflict with anyone else they come across.

Gender: Genderqueer

Sexuality: Demiromantic Asexual

Pronouns: They/He

Occupation: Omniversal Collector

>Ultimate Containment Box:

  This seemingly mysterious box is Lochesh’s Personal Container that holds everything else in their Paraphernalia. It possesses an infinite amount of Storage and is able to contain anything and anyone inside it. It also is completely indescribable.

  • Absolute Storage (within the Ultimate Containment Box)
  • Meta Trapping (within the Ultimate Containment Box)
  • Absolute Invulnerability (Exterior only)


>Destiny Die:

  By rolling this Dice Set, the user can change the Probability of whatever they’re currently thinking of. For example, if they think they can win a fight while rolling the Die, then the Die will see the probability of them winning via the Die.

  • Die Rolling (w/ Destiny Die)


>Potion of Cosmic Health:

  This special Potion contains Cosmic Energy that possess immense healing properties. The Cosmic Energy could also be used in combat by its user. Lochesh has recently collected this.

  • Cosmic Energy Generation (w/via Potion of Cosmic Health)
  • Cosmic Healing (w/via Potion of Cosmic Health)
  • Cosmic Attacks (w/ Potion of Cosmic Health)


>Shotguns of Infinite Shots:

  These Dual-Wielding Shotguns were created by Lochesh themselves in the situation of absolutely needing to fight anyone they come across. The Shotguns both have unlimited amount of ammunition and can fire any and all types of Bullets.

  • Infinite Supply (Of Bullets only)
  • Bullet Projection (All Variations)


>Quiet Exoskeleton of Imperceptibility (Q.E.I):

  A Exoskeletal Headset combined with both futuristic technology and magic, Lochesh has had this piece for multiple years. Incorporated with Magitek of high power, it allows the wearer to control Silence itself alongside being able to become both Intangible and Invisible at the same time.

  • High-Tech Enchanted Exoskeleton
  • Silence Manipulation (via/w Q.E.I)
  • Intangibility (via/w Q.E.I; Can change between being Intangible, Partially Intangible, Selectively Intangible and Ultra-Intangible)
  • Invisiblility (via/w Q.E.I; Can change between being Invisible, Partially Invisible and Selectively Invisible)


>Mask of Every Shape:

  This Masquerade Mask is able to shapeshift the user into anything they desire after putting it on. Lochesh has it after visiting a Ballroom in case they need to hide their identity from anyone familiar to them.

  • Mask Power
  • Omnifarious (via Mask of Every Shape)


>Tome of the Endless:

  This ancient Magic Tome is said to house Spells of Magics relating to the concept of Infinity itself. Said to also be extremely rare, Lochesh seemingly only has the sole copy of far.

  • Magic Book
  • Endless Magic (w/ Tome of the Endless)
    • Infinity Manipulation (w/ Endless Magic; via Tome of the Endless)


>Swaying Shimmers:

  A pair of Bubble Wand-like Weapons is essentially what the following Weapon is. Lochesh found these on an Ocean-only World of an unknown name. With these, the wielder can generate Bubbles of all kinds and can even use said Bubbles in combat.

  • Bubble Generation (All Variations; w/ Swaying Shimmers)
  • Bubble Attacks (w/ Swaying Shimmers)


>Wand of Tiger’s Eye:

  Made with real natural resources and infused with Tiger’s Eye, Lochesh has acquired such a Feline Wand through their time in a Magical Universe. With this Wand, the user can perform Tiger-based Magics and even transform into a Tiger at will.

  • Wand Magic (w/ Wand of Tiger’s Eye)
  • Feline Magic (Tiger-based only; w/ Wand of Tiger’s Eye)
  • Tiger Physiology (Transformation only; w/ Wand of Tiger’s Eye)


>Disastrous Energy Sphere:

  This ord of Disaster Energy was recently gifted to Lochesh by Ultarstroso. Seemingly able to create any Disaster by breaking it, it also seemingly has traces of Disaster Magic within it.

  • Disaster Magic (via Disastrous Energy Sphere)
  • Disaster Inducement (via shattering/breaking the Disastrous Energy Sphere)
  • Perfect Storm (w/via Disastrous Energy Sphere)


>Circadian Staff:

  Gifted to Lochesh by Mason, this Staff allows one to harness the power of the 24-hour cycle of day and night with Magic.

  • Day and Night Manipulation (via Magic; w/ Circadian Staff)


  • Unknown Existence
  • Absolute Self-Resurrection
  • Absolute Survivability
  • Personal Domain/Container
  • Enhanced Skill
  • Shotgun Proficiency
  • Omnilingualism
  • Omnitone/Vocal Replication


  Azure’s Room: This gigantic room covered in Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire and Aquamarine is where Lochesh has full control over due to it being their very own Personal Domain. While they’re within it, they are known to have absolute control over everything and everyone who enters it, making it their only area of ultimate power.


  1. They are known to never fight anyone unless absolutely necessary, making them appear as a coward. This could also be exploited by others.
  2. Stronger Opponents can match/overpower them
  3. Any and all of their Paraphernalia/Items (aside from the Ultimate Containment Box) can be stolen and/or broken by others, causing such Items to lose their Abilities and/or causing them to no longer have them in their possession

Backstory: Unknown

Extra Info:

  • They’re 5’9 in height.
  • Their first name means ‘Whisper’ in Hebrew.
  • They have Heterochormia (Multicolored Eyes); their left eye is Silver while their right eye is Dark Blue.

Theme: A Mask of My Own Face

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