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((This is going to be an attempt at touching alternate Marvel Earths. Wish me luck!))

Name: Ezekiel Maxwell Williams


(In Sound-Silencer Suit)

Nicknames/Alias: Earth 1649’s Tony Stark, Ezekiel, Zach, Zeke

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Pronouns: His/He

Zeke is a all around cool kid. Despite his immense wealth, he does his best to be as normal as can be. He’s kind, calm, collected, likes to joke around, and even uses his wealth for good.

Occupation: Inventor/Hero


Superhuman Reflexes: The Nanites granted him enhanced speed reactions and movements. Nothing on parr with his Arachnid themed hero friend, but good enough to be noted.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Zeke had gained a regenerative healing factor, allowing him to heal himself. It is only at an enhanced I level. He regenerated from a 3 lost fingers, healed from internal rupturing due to a battle with his world’s Mistress Lee and, while it did take a couple of hours, had reattached his arm.

Enhanced Endurance: The Nanites were mentioned to have increased his natural endurance.

Nanotech Armor Manipulation: Due to the Nanites, Zeke can store the nanoparticles of his suit within the hollows of his bones and summon it at will. He could also command the nanoparticles to reshape and even repair itself.

Multilingual: Zeke is very fluent in Spanish, French and Korean. Though he says multiple times Korean is hard for him.

Genius Level Intellect: Zeke is a gifted child with extreme intelligence, having made his first robot at 7. He got a job at 14, quit due to… almost taking a broom to the head. He’s extremely well knowledge in robotics and mechanics along with hacking.

The nano bots lie within his blood. During a multi-versal event. Zeke met with 616 Tony who helped him work on the nanites. They give Zeke a technopathic connection to the suit.

Sound-Silencer Suit:

(This entire armor is kept inside Zeke’s body until mentally commanded, at which point it manifests itself as the Sound-Silencer.

The armor is made up of Nano-Machines that can now be commanded to turn into any type of structure upon Zeke’s skin. For example, the nano-machines can turn into clothes, other armors completely, by having the nano-machines change their properties into whatever he wants them to be.

It can also dissociate to transform into the Sound Silencer Suit whenever he wishes. This Suit does not appear to rely on motors and servos for motion. Instead, the nano-machines create a second layer of artificial muscle over Zeke’s body, upon which additional structures are assembled.

This also enables the armor to self-repair and be almost invulnerable, as the armor is capable of transforming and healing itself, by having the constantly replicating nano-machines replace anything that is lost or used, as long as the power output from the arc reactor isn’t interrupted or terminated. The space between the joints of the suit is increased, so to reduce the sound caused by movement.

The armor can also conceal itself but not the wearer, allowing the wearer to seem normally clothed. Known weaponry includes repulsors, uni-beam, pulse bolts, tasers, and an energy blade. Defenses include deflector shields. Other type of weapons and upgrades seems to be created by Zeke’s imagination, such as a boxing glove, large guns extending from his arms, or cannons.

The suit’s repulsors, which are located around the knuckles, chest, back and legs of the armor, as well as in the traditional palms, now function also as cameras, or “eyeballs,” which give Zeke a 360-degree panoramic view around himself.)

Hacking: Despite his suits many pros, it has it’s cons as well. Hacking being one of them. On multiple occasions hackers with inhuman amounts of skill have been able to either prevent his suit from doing certain things to shutting it down.

Feelings of Uselessness: Zeke is extremely dependent on his suit as he feels without it, he is nothing but a fleshy human. This can be exploited with those with enough psychological knowledge. Even making him lose the will to fight.

Scramblers: Scramblers can mess up his built in GPS, but if strong enough can somewhat scramble the connection between the nanites in his body.

Technopaths: Self Explantory


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