Original Characters


Name: Tyler Trino


Alias: Ty, Leader, British Asshole, T-T


Alignment: Chaotic Good



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Species: Pseudo- Electric Mystic Human


Age: 23


Personality: Tyler is as charming as he is cunning. He’s a force of nature, who can talk almost anyone into anything, either through a smile or brute force – or sometimes both.


Gender: Male


Sexuality: Bi-Sexual (Extremely Closeted)


Pronouns: His/He/Him


Occupation: Inventor/ Self proclaimed scientist



Electro Watch/Gloves


A watch like invention attached to a glove. Being created by Tyler this invention tapped more into the electric side of magic and technology. When off it looks similar to how it does below but when activated glows a Shocking blue and a Fiery orange. It can tap into Esoteric levels of Electricity but also normal forms of it and with some time can get close to touch electromagnetism.

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Current Powers/Abilities:

Pseudo-Supernatural Condition (Type I)

Supernatural Stamina

Pseudo-Supernatural Speed

Pseudo-Supernatural Reflexes

Pseudo-Supernatural Dexterity

Regenerative Healing Factor


Unique Eye Coloration (Left eye Blue, Right Eye Orange)

Techno-Electric Magic

Techno-Electromagnetism Manipulation

Electrical Telekinesis

Electricity Solidification

Electric Pull

Electroreception (Active)

Electrokinetic Combat

Electricity Resistance

Magic Mastery

Magicians Mastery

Inventing Mastery

Science-Magic Mastery

Science Mastery

Sarcasm Mastery


‘Awakened’ Powers (Without Tech):

Electrically Enhanced Condition

Supernatural Condition (II)

Mystical Mutation

Genetic Mutation

Magically Enhanced Physiology

Mystic-Electric Human Physiology

Esoteric Lightning Manipulation

Esoteric Lightning Generation

Personal Electricity

Electrical Telekinesis

Infinite Electric Charge

Electrical Immunity

Electricity Solidification

Electromagnetism Manipulation

Regenerative Healing Factor

Decelerated Aging

Electrokinetic Combat


Grand: WIP


Tekc(s): WIP


Tag Combo(s): WIP



Electricity can be insulated by non-conductive matter, such as air and rubber.




Electric Field Negation/Electricity Absorption/Electricity Negation


Magic Immunity and Mystic Lock


Mage Slayer


Nature Forsaken


Anti-Electromagnetic Field Projection


Magic Negation/Magic Destruction


Stronger magic puts a strain on his body


Sasha and Gabe are the only family he has left


His hatred toward Gods


Backstory: WIP


Extra Info:

He is British

His Father is in New York with a new family

He can say the Alphabet backwards

His weapon doubles as a watch


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