Original Characters

Sasha (WIP)

Name: Sasha Manara


Alias: Sash, Sis, Ms. Man, Buddy


Alignment: True Good



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Species: Pseudo-Pyro Mystic Human


Age: 22


Personality: Calm, Protective, Semi-Hot headed, Some Patience


Gender: Female


Sexuality: Pansexual


Pronouns: Her/She


Occupation: Librarian



Gauntlets of Motdea:
Two Gauntlets powered by nothing but heat, fire and magic. Made from a extremely heat resistance and durable titanium, it can cover it’s self in magic fire and even fire beams or balls of fire. And if charged to a certain point can utilize plasma.

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Powers (With Tech)/Abilities:
Infinite Supply
Nano Magic
Enhanced Craftsmanship
Techno-fire Missile Generation
Force-Field Generation
Fire Blasts
Heat Blasts
Heat Manipulation
Fire Manipulation
Plasma Generation
Hacking Mastery
Techno magical Constructs
Mechanical Mastery

‘Awakened’ Powers (Without Tech):
Fire Magic
Esoteric Flame Manipulation
Esoteric Flame Generation
Fire Manipulation
Fire Attacks
Heat Absorption
Fire Absorption
Heat Immunity
Personal Heat
Fire Flight
Flame Shield
Pyrokinetic Regeneration
Pyrokinetically Enhanced Condition
Pyrokinetically Enhanced Strength
Pyrokinetically Enhanced Durability
Pyrokinetically Enhanced Speed

Grand: WIP


Tekc(s): WIP


Tag Combo(s): WIP


Weaknesses: WIP


Backstory: WIP


Extra Info:



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