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Intro: I was a shy girl. My name is Lizzy.I was born oct 31 as a demon. I was treated wrong. I live with my mom and my human sister lilly, she was very lucky and not lucky.

(my oc’s)


Me and my sister never knew about our life. Until now 


One day i was asleep and lilly came up and said there was a door to secrets “there a door of secrets” lilly said panting “really” i said very interested “yeah, you know that door that we never open since we were born” “yeah” i said very tired “well this morning i went in and sall a man and a lot of information” 


So me and my sister who was 11 came with me and we opened the door because our mom was not there and went in.


“Wow” i said holding my sisters hand “Hey there’s the man” She pointed “the man” I said scared 

“Kids,” the man said as he looked at us. My sister looked at the man and so did i. “Hi i’m” Before she could say my and her name the man spoke “your name is lily the human daughter and your lizzy the demon daughter, right” the man said “yeah” I said “mister what’s your name and what is this place” Lilly said “My name is ot and this is where all the information about y’all is here” ot said with a smile 


“Cool but do you have the information about me and how i’m the only demon and my mom and my sister are not” I said ot sigh and bent down “your dna came from…me” He said 


“Wait what how” I said “when you were born my dna came in your body and you became a demon just like me and your sister wasn’t is because she has her mom’s dna” he said getting up to get lilly off the shelf 


“So your a demon just like me and my sister is not” I said “that’s right” ot said smiling at me


“Well anyways we need to go” I said grabbing my sister hand  “wait pls” ot said looking at me and my sister “Is something wrong” My sister said looking at ot 


“Don’t tell anyone and when you both come back i’ll tell you more ok” Ot said looking at me and my sister “we will come back” My sister said running to ot to hug him 


I sigh “come on sis we need to go” I said “ok bye mr.ot see you soon” 


So about week later “what should we do on the first day of summer” i asked my sister while handing her a drink “visit ot” She said drinking “ ok and how about mom” I asked “ she’s in africa remember” my sister said “oh right”


“Let’s go and visit, ot” I said. So we went down there to visit ot “knocked on the door lilly”

My sister knocked on the door and someone answered “Can we come?” I asked.

The person answers “who are you here to see”. “Mr ot” my sister said. the person looked “come on in and what is your names”The person asked “i’m lizzy and this is lilly and what’s yours” I asked “ well my name is Emma” 


My sister got so excited to see,ot “OT” my sister yelled. Ot  look at us and smiled at us “lizzy,lily” 

My sister ran and hugged him “i miss you” lilly said crying 


I sigh “hi ot” i said happy “hi lizzy and lilly” “i have something for both of you” he said smiling at us 


He pulled out something for us and smiles “here lily, a doll and for you lizzy some books”

I sigh “are they manga” Ot nodded “thanks” i said 


He smiled at me and my sister 


But after a few weeks something happen, “can we go visit ot today” My sister said getting bored

“No”i said looking at her “why not”she keep asking “because” i said getting mad “If you want to then you can go if you want” I said “but i’m not going” 


Before I turned around she was gone “lily” I questioned. I ran to get her from ot but when i got there she was there with him “LILY” I screamed “oh..hi sis” She said holding ot hand “hi lizzy” Ot said looking at me “hi” i said 


“What are you doing with lily” I asked curious “well i’m showing her the information about all of us”


The next day “lily listen to me don’t go in to that door please” I said making lunch “why” 

“Because the other day i found information about him and he’s evil and pretends to be nice to you so he can have our power manly mine” 


So that day we didn’t talk to ot or go in there for a while but that night when i was asleep I heard a door open and close so i went to check on lily and she was gone then i heard screaming from the room 


“Lily,” I called out. No response. So i ran to get her 


But when i got there the man and my sister were gone “sis”i yelled but nothing happened then i heard something it sound like my sister yelling my name 


I waked to the door all frighten “ot,where’s lily” I asked ot sigh and looked at me “she got tooken by demons” he said looking at me “what,why” “they told me to give the child or else i’ll die or you’ll die” He said sadly.

I thought about it and i started to cry “we need to save her because she’s a human and there demons” i said “how do you know” he asked me. I sigh “she got kidnapped when she was 5 by the same people”


He looked at me depress “but where is she” I asked “she went to a cave” He said grabbing a bag “come on let’s save her” He said with a smile

I looked at him and sigh


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