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Name: Kurona

Age: 14

Gender: female

Date of Birth: 10/31

Place of Birth: demon world

Race: white

Occupation: idk

Current place of residence: human world

Voice type (What it sounds like. If you like, list a voice actor who you think would best put life into your OC.):Colleen Clinkenbeard

Quirks, strange mannerisms, and/or annoying habits:  demon

Education level: 3.02

Hierarchy/social standing: good

Hair color and type: hair color brown

Eye color: light brown

Skin tone: white

Scars or physical deformities: she has a scars on her legges

Mental illnesses: autism

Height: 5.3

Weight: idk

Body type: skinny

Favorite color: black

Favorite food: any

Likes: anything else

Dislikes: bullies

Religious Preference:

Strengths: any

Weaknesses: none

Family: no dad but mom

Pets: cat

Role model:Billie Eilish

Fears: none

Goals: to finish her schools

Sexuality: Bi

Allies: none

Enemies: bullies

Hobbies and interests: she loves to read, draw and paint

Bio: She grew up with no siblings

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