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The Facultkin Band: Entry 3

Just when I thought we would reach our destination again, something else pulled me out of my path. Chef Mariloft and I were dragged to another world, a barren wasteland. The temperature was awful. It felt like an oven, but then something came out of the shadows of a cave, a giant boy. To be more accurate 10 feet tall, but he was huge. In his hand was a speaker with hands, feet, and a mic for a head. They introduced themselves as Woofer and HA. Woofer came from a dystopian world filled with groups who were at war with each other. He soon hooked up with his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend, Beethoven (Bey for short). Together with their sound-based abilities, they decimated every team until they remained. To the victor goes the spoils; Woofer rummaged through a lab that once belonged to a bunch of sci-fi nerds. He found a makeshift dimensional teleporter and used it to escape because Bey can be a bit much, and her love is almost borderline abusive. He only got with her because she was strong, but now he has the means to escape his world and her.

HA was a Rephaite who believed in a guy named Jesus Christ. Anyway, HA lived most of his days moving earth and cars from one place to another. One day, He met Woofer, and after their meeting,  Bey showed up. The two fought her and were nearly wiped out until they realized that together they made a destructive force strong enough to defeat her and destroyed half the city they were in. HA was charged an enormous bill that most likely lasted the end of his life. Woofer gave him a solution, join him, and he wouldn’t have to pay because he would be in another world. HA agreed and left his world behind with Woofer until his dimensional device broke.

Woofer jury-rigged it into a dimensional beacon that would draw anything traveling through to their location. They wanted Tempus. HA interjected the idea of stealing, but Woofer convinced him they would die if they stayed in this radioactive world. So, we fought. I took on Woofer, and Mariloft, unfortunately, went against HA. Woofer was not just a speaker-man. He was a speaker factory because he had the power to make them out of nowhere. Then he just threw them at me. Prophet had my back, literally. They would grab my backside and yank me around to avoid the projectiles. Mariloft was running around, avoiding HA’s reach. Woofer yelled out to his partner to give him a little laugh right at him. I did not understand until I saw it. Ha laughed, and it manifested as a ball of amorphous energy. It almost looked like it was giggling to itself. Woofer wanted to get hit by that. When it got to him, it vanished. Prop tried to move me, but it was too late. We were struck by that laugh attack from all around us through the speakers thrown at us.

Woofer laughed at us. Because of his hairdo (the mic), he could absorb any sound and transfer it to not just his speaker-body but to all his speakers. HA’s attack, in essence, was sound manifested into power and thus can be used. This was the power that could topple a city. HA sent a few more laughs flying at Woofer. I was not happy with that. Prop was also concerned because their predictions don’t work well with such an attack. We tried to get out of the way of all the speakers, but Woofer threw one right in front of us as his partner’s attack hit him. We were blown back to the other speaker and received more attacks. Prop blocked most of them, but we were devastated. Woofer told us to give up. He and his partner had survived this wasteland for a few days and faced off against Radscorpions, bandits, and even a Deathclaw. Their desperation to get out was what fueled their ferocity.

Prop thought about something when They got up. If HA doesn’t laugh, Woofer would be just a nuisance. He told Mariloft to wipe up HA something delicious, and she scooped up some dirt. After a glance, Mariloft launched the patch of earth into HA’s face. The big guy wiped his face, and then he tasted it. HA was smiling with a huge grin, and Mariloft pointed towards the ground she was standing. HA immediately started munching on dirt. My resourceful chef gave me the thumbs up that she got this covered. Woofer was frustrated but said he did not need an idiot to beat us. Woofer sent more speakers our way, but Prop walked over, avoiding all of them. Woofer could not believe this was happening. Prop grabbed the speaker just created to attack with and beat him over the head with it. This battle was over. Like with Mariloft, Prop wanted to leave these two behind, but I thought we needed their fighting prowess since we only won with Mariloft’s help. Prop once again agreed with my decision and stated he would no longer question her choice in teammates until his future sight abilities improve. We brought HA and Woofer along, and they were both grateful, mostly HA. With no more distractions, we made it to our destination. I am ready to know what happened to my father.

(I do not own characters and concepts that are both Bolded and Italicized)

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