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The Facultkin Band: Entry 10

After some discussions with my friends and Anna, we decided to go after Dr. Charles Alaiadaughter first. Through our walk to a Tear Gate, a portal that leads to another part of the city inaccessible by any other means, I asked Anna about green people working like servants and laborers. She said they are The Abellreos, descendants of a group of genetically altered humans called Splicers from a long-dead society called Rapture. Their complexion was because their diet consisted of unique sea slugs. Eventually, they became what they ate, thanks to the slugs’ genetic-altering substance, ADAM. Lady Elizabeth summoned them all here to be in the workforce because of their ability to manipulate the supply of ADAM in their bodies to modify themselves. The Abellreos didn’t appreciate that and caused a war for their freedom. It would have ended with a lot of death if it weren’t for “The Hero,” Daisy Fitzroy. She rallied every willing civilian, strategically counterattacked, and beat the poor race into their new life of servitude. Anna stated the Cain Cadets from before are Abellreos. They removed their ADAM organ, spliced them with Proto-Supreme Serum beyond recognition, and stuffed them into armor for the rest of their days.

I thought this wasn’t very good, but I remembered that this was similar to my home. I was born as a member of the Imperial Family, and everyone else was below us, both in status and power. I never got into the program and think being an explorer is more fulfilling than being an aristocrat. Anyway, I continued the conversation with Anna as we entered the Tear Gate that led to the Industrial Sector. She mentioned a Supreme Serum, and I was curious about that. Supreme is the superhuman enhancement drug created by mixing ADAM, another substance, and energy from Tears created by Lady Elizabeth. These rifts through space and time grant anyone powers that defy the laws of physics, but only the wealthy and their posses are getting it now because it was a recent product—all created by one man, the one housed in Neo Fontaine Labs.

The plan involved Woofer, HA, and Chef Mariloft to distract everyone at the front of the building while Anna, Beethoven, and I went to the side. We will break in and confront Dr. Alaiadaughter into giving us his piece of the key. After a few minutes, the distraction commenced, and as expected, there was a lot of screaming, mainly from Woofer. Beethoven used her singing to cause the wall to open up, and we walked in. The place was clean and white all over. Anna assumed that Charles was at his office or lab, and I decided to go to his office while Bey and Anna went to the lab. When I got there, someone was also in the room, an Abellreo Girl with a cylindrical weapon in hand.

She introduced herself as Ayra with a friendly demeanor, and I thought this would not be so bad. I greeted her by stating my name before Anna and Bey entered the office with a gagged Charles, the guy I bumped into earlier. Ayra’s innocent face twisted in one filled with wrath. She screamed to let her beloved go while rushing at us with that weapon. Before the club struck me, Prophet appeared and blocked it. Then Ayra dropped it and used the moment to kick them with intense power. Beethoven started singing to control the odd weapon before Ayra to grab, and she bulked up, and she could prevent it from being controlled by sheer strength before rushing toward the other. Bey sang for the pipes and wires below them to jump out and restrain the girl.

Anna moved back with Charles, and this got Ayra madder. This green-skinned broked out of her ties, and Bey sang to cause random books to fly at the Abellreo. Charles waved his robot arm, and energy bubbles stopped the flying objects. Then the books immediately hit the ground. Ayra batted Bey away. She walked up to Anna while she pulled out a knife to threaten to kill Charles. Ayra responded by whipping her hair, modified by her power to be an actual whip to hit Anna. As my ally recoiled from the pain, Ayra grabbed Charles, cuddling him like a stuffed animal. She then caused herself to heat up, and the club started to melt. The whole thing is made of wax. Before we could get to them, Ayra used the wax to build a wall between them and us. What is this stuff?

Prop was ready to fight before he saw what to do next. They stated that we were here to get the piece of the release key and to free the people of Freeman. Charles removed the bandana over his mouth to speak. He said, “Sigh…Fine. You can have it.” Anna and I both said, “What?” Charles wanted to get out of this place. He was once a scientist for Project Rat, a scientific organization that dealt with supernatural creatures from fairies to actually gods. Charles was once married to such a creature, got an eye birth from mixing god DNA into his missing eye, and led the field of essence manipulating technology. And then his bosses found out, killed his wife, shot his new eye, and he had to escape with fey dust. It teleported him to Freeman and met Lady Elizabeth. For a few years, he had worked hard to crack the perfect formula to create Supreme, and he succeeded with help from his lab partner. He witnessed Abellreos suffer persecution like the mystical creatures back home during that time. He managed to prevent Ayra from becoming a Cain Cadet for his protection. Charles thought genetic manipulation was a bad idea where he came from, and it was an even worse idea here. He also noticed that Lady Elizabeth was starting to lose it and that we, a bunch of strangers and outsiders, were stirring trouble, which would make her go ballistic.

He wanted out of this and gave us his piece, but there was one problem. His fragment was split into two, and the other went to his lab partner, Cumulus Facultas. The man who helped crack the Supreme Formula with his supernatural power. Charles stated that he was the most powerful man on Freeman and only used the Prototype Serum on himself to increase the power of his actual ability. If he were here, we would be in for a world of insanity, but since we are after the pieces, that might come very soon. Cumulus came from another planet like most of us but had his means of traveling to other realms. He was currently out doing research. Charles and Ayra joined our party, and we left the way we came in. The scientist activated something on his mechanical arm, and the building was set on fire. This distracted the people attacking my friends enough for all to get back together and left with a 1/2 of 1/5 of the key we needed and two new people to the group.

A word from my friends:

  1. Ayra: It’s nice to meet such a fascinating individual, but if any hurt Beloved and Bossy, I beat with Cera Amatoris.
  2. Woofer: Hubba Hubba! Looked at this Green-Skinned Mama!
  3. Beethoven (after beating up Woofer for that comment): I am still quite concerned about this Cumulus guy that Charles mentioned.

(I don’t own characters and concepts that are both Bolded and Italicized.)

(K5S14 owns Project Rat)

(Character Bio: Dr. Charles Alaiadaughter and Ayra)

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