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Name: yinru ( yin – roo ) – it’s given to someone who’s easy going and easy to make friends with.

age : around 15 to 16 years of age, born June 1.

gender : I’m not sure about their gender just yet! Maybe they will be male or non-binary. He does however use he/him pronouns with a little bit of them/they/it.

race: snake demon – now I know this probably isn’t a real race but I’ve worked so hard for years on this guy and I absolutely love him. He’s a snake demon who can switch from a snake form to a human form at will or if provoked.

looks : a young man with fair skin and a slim but fair body. Has a few green scales on his cheeks and arms. Long silky extremely dark green hair that looks black, he has…beautiful green eyes that stand out against his pale skin and dark hair. Pale pink lips and feminine hands. – snake form – a massive green snake about three men wide? Might be like two.. eh? Anyways he’s a large snake with vibrant green scales that fade into a yellow belly.

personality: yinru is a extremely easy going guy with a kind soul and boundless energy. Always wearing a bright smile with no hint of anger whatsoever. He’s loyal to his friends and always pays back kindness a hundredfold. Despite being treated like trash his entire life just because he’s part demon, he holds no grudges against anyone and is more that willing to risk his like for others. He’s self conscious at times and can easily be embarrassed. He’s scared of failure and being left alone in the dark.

eh?? First time doing something like this! I might go back later and add a lot more detail.


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Hello! I’m Akashi and I’m in middle school atm but I’m always open to new things when I can get to them. Although I’m young I happen to have a mind that goes beyond my age so I often act and talk like a adult even though it’s not on purpose. I overthink a lot and I don’t really have many friends..the cool kids at school, well it’s not just the cool kids it everyone, they deem me the “depressed one”. Honestly if they knew how I felt they wouldn’t even bother me. I have a horrible sleep schedule so I’m up almost all night and rarely get a good nights sleep. I own two dogs, a rabbit by the name of zushi (zoo-she) and a cat. I hope to be a author when I’m older and I enjoy writing things. If you’d like to know more simply message me! I love to listen to hyperpop and cavetown! Yinru is my baby -_- I’m obsessed with him. He’s greatly based off of my pfp ^^ Also…I’m probably gonna write a book on him ;) although I’m horrible at it.

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