Poems abt my oc

1. I’ll remember your gentle smile

when I must go

ill remember your kind laugh

when I have cried

I’ll remember you in all your colors

but the real question is

do you even remember me?


2. if fireflies light up the worlds at night

and the sun shines during the day

when the moon hides away

Will you be my guiding light

when all I see is nothing but the dark


3. if the world is in black and white

then you’d be in the brightest colors

if the world was in chaos’s

you’d stop to fix everything

if I where to disappear

who would wipe your tears

but if I stay how many more

will die?


4. I love your laugh

i hate when you cry

you may be a devil

but your really a angle in disguise


5. Others have abandoned you, others have cursed you

yet you still smile and wave

others shun you and wish that you’d die

but you brush it off and laugh

how many times have you really broken down

and cried when all others merely laughed?

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Hello! I’m Akashi and I’m in middle school atm but I’m always open to new things when I can get to them. Although I’m young I happen to have a mind that goes beyond my age so I often act and talk like a adult even though it’s not on purpose. I overthink a lot and I don’t really have many friends..the cool kids at school, well it’s not just the cool kids it everyone, they deem me the “depressed one”. Honestly if they knew how I felt they wouldn’t even bother me. I have a horrible sleep schedule so I’m up almost all night and rarely get a good nights sleep. I own two dogs, a rabbit by the name of zushi (zoo-she) and a cat. I hope to be a author when I’m older and I enjoy writing things. If you’d like to know more simply message me! I love to listen to hyperpop and cavetown! Yinru is my baby -_- I’m obsessed with him. He’s greatly based off of my pfp ^^ Also…I’m probably gonna write a book on him ;) although I’m horrible at it.

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