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The Facultkin Band: Entry 11

Ugggh! Today was a very unpleasant experience for me. We only had half of one of the five pieces we needed, and Dr. Charles’s partner was still out. Our group decided to go after another member of the Five Stars. The good doctor suggested going after Sander Cohen. He is an eccentric artist of the highest caliber. Charles talked with him recently, and he needed female models for an art project. So, the plan was for all of us girls to be these models and infiltrate his art studio. The best part was that Sander demanded that his participants wear masks. We won’t have to worry about being spotted by the authority. The boys would be the Plan B escape if we didn’t get out in 24 hours.

Chef Mariloft, Beethoven, Ayra, Anna, and I arrived at The Freeman Artisan Institution in our disguise, including black skintight jumpsuits. It felt weird wearing something that isn’t Tempus. Guards escorted us down a hall before Prophet’s hands nudged me, indicating that something was off. I tried to run before the entire hallway was spritzed with knock-out gas, and I fell unconscious. In my sleep, I could a piano playing, and someone said, “Now, now, ladies. It’s time to display your true beauty. I woke up standing with lots of wires around my friends and me. In front of us was Sander himself playing the piano and many photographers in dark robes.

Sanders pushed a button, and all the wires around us straightened out, forcing us into various poses. The photographers started taking pictures while the ringleader kept playing his piano and spouting out how marvelous we looked. Bey struggled out of her fixed posture, and the cords responded with an electrical shock. She screamed at the result, and all the cameras pointed at her. Sander was wicked. He enjoyed Bey’s anguish so much that he made all of the wires shock us. I was in so much pain. Flashes from the camera are almost distracted from shocks. Sander suggested that someone brings out the fire pokers. With great glee, one of the men got one and pointed it at Mariloft, but before anything happened, HA fell from the ceiling. He was caught in many of the wires, landed on many of Sander’s thugs, and shocked all of them, including himself and us.

Woofer jumped down from the hole above in a cool pose…on top of HA. Then he was shocked off the giant boy’s back, and Sander was more interested in the two intruders. Woofer stood proudly, chucked many of his crafted speakers at everybody still standing, and Sander froze him in time. He used a Supreme Power. While the wires were short-circuiting from overuse, Bey sang to force the cords off us and wrapped Sander. The thugs got back up and began to fight, but Ayra grew claws and slashed them with a wild frenzy. Mariloft grabbed a folded chair and flailed it wildly with significant effect. The guards from before almost caught me, but Prop came out to sock them. With every opposition taken out, Anna demanded Sander to give him the key piece, or she would report about his operation down here.

Sander laughed and wiggled out a hand with a piece in it. He tossed it down, stating that he needed a show of great passion and did not care about this story spreading, for “Great Art emerges from the chaos of life.” Sanders laughed, and we all just left, feeling more defeated than anything else. But we still have an actual piece this time.

(I don’t own any Characters and Concepts that are both Bolded and Italicized.)

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